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Calling all you snooker newbies 


Trawling around the internet for hours seeking feedback on products and services for snooker and simply getting 1 or 2 sentence reviews. But, you’re still not sure if to buy? Frustrating, right?

What if you could take the stress and strain and the time out of searching for reviews of products and services by simply having it all in one place from someone who’s tried and tested them in detail!

You’d save time – hours, right?! Then you could get back to what you love doing most! That’s improving your own game on the baize! Am I right?

Introducing the website SnookerZone!

Like you, when I first started playing snooker seriously well over three years ago, I was overwhelmed by the amount of information there is on this great game. I didn’t know whether I was on my head or my feet. Product after product claimed it could help you improve your game. But, it’s a bit tiresome searching all over the web, to find products and reviews that even I was sceptical of when looking for help. In any walk of life, shiny new products boast they will do this and do that. It’s a nightmare.

How SnookerZone Came About: That Lightbulb Moment!…

From a very early age, I’ve loved snooker. It all started when my parents got me an 8ft table in early teens and had it in the garage, initially, (nothing surprising there).

Then I became hooked on playing it in a small games room after the table was moved out of the garage! I soon became hooked on playing and watching it. One of my early memories was watching Nigel Bond win his ranking title at the 1996 British Open whilst playing in the Games Room!

As you imagine, life got in the way for a few years but you never fall out of love with the game! Anyway, I’ve always dreamed of having a snooker website but didn’t want to just set one up and be just another run-of-the-mill snooker blog reporting on the pro game!

Whilst searching for products to help improve my game, I realized! There’s no-one online doing full reviews of products and showing and telling people what’s going on with them!

And then, last year, I was invited to the South West Academy in Gloucester by a Michael Waring of Snookerhub fame, to do some reporting on the English Association of Snooker and Billiards English Amateur Championship, and, after one eventful evening of discussion about where the game was going and what gaps there were in the online space, SnookerZone was born!

We’re a tiny home-based business based in Surrey, UK, at the moment, but with big ambitions for the website.

How SnookerZone Can Help You…

Here at SnookerZone, we provide you with all the information on the products in one place, with detailed promotional reviews and explanation tutorials on how each product works and the pros and cons.With the site, you won’t need to hunt around the net to find the products. They will be all in one place, a dictionary of snooker products–with news and reviews.


We just want to see more people enjoy this great game! And for youngsters to be able to try it out and become lovers of the game!

Part of this is to help organisations have access to products, they might not know where to get. We recently donated chalk to a children’s group in Scotland. Every little donation helps to be able to help people grow this great game. See tweet of thanks from the Children’s Wood below…


There are four key principles that SnookerZone prides itself on…

  • Identifying the problems you may be having as a starter snooker player…
  • Informing you on what products are available that will be able to help improve your game…
  • Advise you on what products may suit your game…
  • And, educating you on these products so that the end result is your game improves faster AND you gain confidence, much like ours have…

In summary, from this website you’ll:

  • Get reviews of the latest products on the market plus information about old ones
  • Receive news about the latest products coming…
  • Get to know some of snooker’s best coaches through exclusive Q&A chats in the Coaching Zone
  • Be kept up to date with what’s going on in this sub-niche of snooker…

SnookerZone‘s Great Content So Far

Start to read some of the site’s jam-packed content now: CLICK on the image link below: 

Get to Know a coach better beforehand in SnookerZone‘s Q&A interviews…

One key action you must take if you want to improve your game AND your confidence is seeking out a good coach.

Find a good coach and implement what that expert tells you by regular practice, and your game WILL improve!

WATCH us in action in a short video below learning about how to follow through the cue ball with a good coach – for proof!

SnookerZone has interviewed 2o great coaches in our Coaching Zone, and the object of the exercise is for people seeking out a coach to get to know who they might be dealing with should you decide to book a lesson.


Chris Gaynor enjoying himself! And he got to get his hands on Snooker’s oldest trophy since 1916 at the English Amateur finals weekend in Gloucester in 2018 as a reporter for Blasting News.

Chris Gaynor is a qualified NCTJ writer with 10 years plus experience in journalism for the web as a reporter/news blogger. He’s a snooker fanatic who’s been watching the game since his early teens but has recently in the last three years only just started playing the game seriously at 40 – 50 break standard. Outside of snooker, he’s a CSI fan and enjoys cycling off the Tiramisu!…


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