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This site was designed with the beginner snooker player and enthusiast like YOU in mind.

How did SnookerZone begin?

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Here, you will find USEFUL information on a variety of things going on in the world of snooker, including…

  • INSPIRING Coach interviews
  • USEFUL information on Snooker Leagues (including an interview with a local league player/captain on how to play in a league)
  • KEY REVIEWS on training aids and equipment (continually updating you on product releases, et al
  • The SnookerZone blog has been entered in at #9 in the top 15 of Snooker Blogs on the web with Feedspot.

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Browse through our resources and get the latest info and advice on what training products can best improve your game.

And what fads are also doing the rounds on planet snooker!

There’s something to fit everyone’s taste, whether you’re a casual player wanting to improve at your own pace, or, a serious player looking to go to the next level on your journey.

We’d love to have you follow us on our journey too!

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CHRIS GAYNOR, SnookerZone, no 1 for reviews and coach interviews…




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