Young Cuestars Stars Who Become TV Stars…

Young Cuestars Stars Who Become TV Stars…

CUESTARS has a reputation for building young hopefuls into very good snooker players.

With their friendly but competitive competitions, Academy routines app (well worth checking out for loads of routines that will improve any snooker player’s game – even SnookerZone’s), and two very good coaches in John Hunter and Tim Dunkley, these are a recipe for continued success for snooker in England, particularly the south.

SnookerZone has seen firsthand the work that’s put into these events and even co-sponsored one last year.

This week, on the BBC South Today, another one of the Cuestar’s stable of youngsters earned a feature on TV.

13-year-old O’Shay Scott a few weeks ago scooped the Under-14 PowerGlide EPSB Championship semi-finals at Woking Snooker Centre, earning him a spot in the EPSB Finals Weekend in June from the south section.

He’s been playing snooker since he was six years old.

Here’s a video feature…

And Oliver Sykes is another youngster who has had TV coverage from his early days when he was 12-years old.

We got to see him in action on the Cuestars U-21 Gold last year at Woking.

He’s now 16.

And has even played in professional events on the World Snooker Tour.

Watch the video below…

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