World Women’s Snooker Championships 2024: Update…

World Women’s Snooker Championships 2024: Update…

FOUR STUNNING CENTURY BREAKS have been compiled at this year’s World Women’s Snooker Championships in China so far, as the action continues towards its conclusion…

12 times World and UK Champion Reanne Evans (pictured appearing in the Champion of Champions against Shaun Murphy) has knocked in two of them with a 101 and a 103.

Chinese and Thai stars Bai YuLu and Mink Nutcharut have also knocked in tons to make this a high standard of women’s snooker in 2024.

Evans has previously compiled century breaks in 2011/12 of 118 and in 2014/15, she knocked in a 105.

The highest break compiled to date in an official WWS competition is 140, achieved twice by Reanne Evans (2008 South Coast Classic, 2010 British Open).

On the WWS website, Tessa Davidson, whom SnookerZone’s Chris Gaynor has interviewed previously on this website as has he interviewed a few of the WWS Tour players, returned to the World Women’s Snooker Tour in January 2022 following a 23-year absence from the game.

At the 2022 Eden Women’s Masters, she compiled a stunning break of 114 during the round-robin group stages, her third Tour century and first in 28 years. In 1991, Davidson also scored what was at the time the highest recorded break by a woman in competition (135).

The highest break at the World Women’s Snooker Championship so far was a run of 127 by China’s Bai Yulu against Amee Kamani at the 2023 World Championship at the Hi-End Snooker Club in Thailand.

Emma Parker, who has been fearless on the Exhibition Circuit for the past couple of years, and recently dabbled in the pool scene has also made impressive breaks outside of the WWS Tour.

There are currently 16 players who have made at least one century break on the WWS Tour:

Outside also of the Women’s Tour – Mink Nutcharut compiled a 147 in the HiEnd in Thailand, and also current World no 15 Jasmine Bolsover knocked in a 147 on line-up recorded on Youtube at Woking Snooker Centre in Surrey.

NG On Yee made a ton in the Snooker Legends 90o Season Two.

Bolsover reached a final of the Women’s Winchester Series a couple of week’s ago and lost out to Tessa Davidson.

This writer/journalist also managed to get Bolsover in the local paper three times…

  1. An interview on her return to Women’s Snooker a couple of years ago.
  2. A Preview to the 2023 Coaching Day held at Woking to which this website also reported on it.
  3. A great 81 break she made in the Byfleet League this season of 81.

This writer/journalist has had 10 newspaper clippings since this website began in 2018 including a SCOOP interview with Jason Ferguson, the WPBSA Chairman. The kind of publicity EVERY CLUB would CRAVE to have from a member who helps promote local snooker. Snooker is struggling at grassroots level and needs all the help it can get.

Already, Tessa Davidson has scooped the Seniors title, adding yet another title to her illustrious career since returning.

Bai YuLu is the World Women’s Under-21 Champion for 2024.

Woking hosts the British Universities Colleges Snooker Championship 2024 for the next four days, or so.

This writer did a preview for the event a few days ago and was invited by the Universities Pool Council to come to report, but will not be able to attend due to M25 Road Closures at the weekend. It is advised NOT TO TRAVEL around the Woking area, as this will be a JAM…

Good luck to EVERYONE at the Universities who attends and competes in the event.

We’ll catch up with the results on the UCP website.


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