World Seniors 2024 – Day 2…

World Seniors 2024 – Day 2…

DEFENDING CHAMPION Jimmy White scraped through a tough first-round match with Andrew Norman as the 62-year-old Whirlwind defends his one of four World Seniors titles this week.

White started off edgy in the first couple of frames but found some kind of rhythm later on in the best-of-five encounter to see out the match 3 – 2.

Norman, a two-time runner-up English Amateur finalist, who made his debut at The Crucible in the Seniors said he missed some balls, which he said was inevitable because of the venue, but it was no excuse, he said. He should have closed out the match.

However, although he lost position in a final frame thriller with White, the Brown struck the jaw of the left middle and ran over to the right middle, which was somewhat unlucky for him,  where White had the chance to pot the brown, blue, and pink, to clinch the match.

White said after: “I didn’t play well. I haven’t been getting much sleep.”

He added: “I’ve been playing some good stuff.”

Rob Walker said of White not getting any sleep, “Maybe you need to get some herbal tea.”

In other news, the Tornado Tony Drago, famous for knocking in a century in three minutes back in the day, came through in his clash to set=up a quarter-final with Stuart Watson, another regular at the business end of the top World Seniors tour.

The World Seniors event runs until Sunday the 12th May, at the UK’s iconic home of snooker in Sheffield at The Crucible. 

The event is LIVE on CHANNEL FIVE from 12PM each day. 

White is now on Youtube and you can keep up to date with his routines on the social media video channel…

He said: “I’ve finally joined YouTube, can’t wait to show you some of my favourite practice routines and shots Subscribe here and let me know a shot you’d like to see.”



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