Woking Snooker Centre to host ProAm in 2023…

Woking Snooker Centre to host ProAm in 2023…

Woking Snooker Centre will host its first ProAm in years in April next year.

Registration has already opened for the 23rd of April with entries flying in from members of the club, including our very own SnookerZone writer Chris Gaynor and World Women’s Tour and Woking Snooker star Jasmine Bolsover.

Jasmine told SnookerZone that there were a few on the World Women’s Tour who were very interested in coming to the event to have a go.

The event is run by Tournament Director Terry T, who is back after a long spell out of the local amateur snooker scene but has decided to run tournaments again at Woking.

He is passionate he says about the local amateur snooker scene and ran tournaments back in the day before having a period of time out from it.

SnookerZone’s Chris Gaynor played in one in 2015 before Terry took time out and they were very well run indeed.

Any professionals on the main tour WST who wish to enter may do so but must give amateurs a handicap of 21 points per frame.

WokingClub  is home to snooker star Jasmine Bolsover who appeared on TV a few weeks back in the Snooker Legends 900 in Reading.

All players should note that the event will be streamed (via social media and/or other media) and selected matches from this event will NOT mean any match with pros involved will not prevent any match from being streamed. If you enter, you agree to this.

Details can be found on Terry’s site below.

Pro Ams are great experience for players to gain match experience and to test their games against very good players.

SnookerZone writer Chris Gaynor appeared in the Cuestars over 40’s event a couple of weeks back and enjoyed the experience immensely and it hardens you up indeed.

Get practicing…


Also, click the link below to watch Woking Snooker star Jasmine Bolsover’s debut and TV interview in the Snooker Legends 900 a few weeks back.


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