Woking C: We Are The Champions…

Woking C claimed the 2021/2 Byfleet League Division 2 title with a game to spare.

Woking C
Left to right with the bubbly: Bill Lee, Adam Hill, Ivan Astin, Pete Butler. (Ivan Monchukoushvy was unable to play) (Photo courtesy of Woking Snooker Centre Club Manager Peter Ruddick).

For some, playing snooker is an escape from the realities of life.

For others, it’s a battle to be fought on three fronts.

  • A battle to master the mind.
  • A battle to master the opponent’s mind.
  • A battle to master the table!

Woking C this season has passed with flying colours as week by week they’ve kept cool heads under the first time Captaincy of Ivan Astin.

His determination to see the team through has been dogged, as they’ve never let up in their will to bring a trophy back to Woking Snooker Centre.

Since September 30th 2021, they’ve been unbeaten, an incredible feat for a team to lose only one match over 12 weeks, which was their very first match in the league, way back on September 23rd last year when the Byfleet League resumed after a long period due to Covid-19 and Lockdowns.

And, more incredibly, they still have a game to spare on February 3rd. A lap of honour.

Peter Butler, with a highest break of 63 in the division, was proud as punch and said after: “Congratulations lads, proud of you all, literally. Can’t believe we won it. You are all amazing and I’m proud to have you all in the team and as mates.”

Woking C Team Plaudits by the Captain…

They pulled off another 5 – 1 win over Hersham A and are on 71 points. With the game still in hand, it means they cannot be overtaken at the top.

Ivan Astin congratulated all the team members but particularly spelled out Adam Hill, a loyal team member and new recruit Bill Lee, who only joined the team two weeks ago or so.

He said: “Now with Bill Lee, (who made a 25 break in their title match this week), on the team, he is such a useful addition to the squad and raises the bar.

On Adam Hill, he paid tribute; “You have won over 21 frames and lost one. You are always very confident you’re going to win and don’t let nothing face ya. I am proud to have everyone on the team, but Adam has been a revelation and should be very proud.”

It means that Woking C will graduate to Division 1 next season, which will be a new challenging test, but Ivan Astin said he was up for the challenge and was looking forward to a rise in standard and competition.

It’s vitally important that League Snooker Continues to Develop, Grow, and is Nurtured…

For those wanting to play snooker, this is where it all starts. This is where you learn the highs and lows of competitive action, as well as have fun along the way. You make friends, whether you’re playing, or not!

If you want to get a taste of it, talk to your local snooker club or search for a local league online, and make those first steps.

There is a standard of competitive action for everyone. Whether you’re just looking for a bit more action, or want to begin your snooker journey, playing in a league is a good start on the ladder.

And who knows where it might take you?

SnookerZone congratulates all at Woking C on a great League Div 2 win. 




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