WOKING B Scoop a Triple Record…

WOKING B Scoop a Triple Record…

WOKING B has scooped a triple record in Division 1 of the Byfleet League.

The triple record includes Paul Bunyard’s 126, scooping the title by the biggest margin of 31 points, and claiming the highest century tally of points as a winner in the Division with 107.

They beat Woking C’s 104 in 2007/8 which was 104. They have won the title by beating second place by 31 points.

Bunyard, the star of the team, knocked in three centuries and claims the record of 126 in Div 1 and a 139 in Premier Division in 2011.

On the Byfleet League site, it read: “Sean Harvey’s 2018 break of 111 was eclipsed by Woking ‘B’s PAUL BUNYARD after he recorded a magnificent 126 in his team 6-0 win over Woking ‘C’. PAUL already holds the Prems record break of 139 from 2011. Absent until this season since Covid, the league is delighted to see PAUL back playing and demonstrating his superb skills. Many congratulations PAUL.”

League Chairman KELVIN JONES told SnookerZone’s Chris Gaynor a while ago that the record for the largest margin in the Division was 22. He said: That will be demolished.

SnookerZone journalist and Woking member Chris Gaynor quizzed Jason Ferguson at January’s WDBS tournament at Woking. Chris Gaynor is currently researching and writing a feature on Paralympic Sports…

Sadly, Woking B didn’t manage to overthrow the record of eight whitewashes in a season. They managed to equal the record of 8, but it’s still a great achievement by this side in grassroots snooker.

Jones said of the record: “The record is 8 by Woking A in 2011/2012 season over 24 matches. This season runs over 21 matches so it would be an even bigger achievement if George’s team (George Heatley) beat it.

He added: “Ironically, Paul Bunyard was in the 2011 team and made the League’s highest break (Premier Division) of 139. I think they will better 8, but who knows?

Here’s a suggestion for Jason Ferguson and the WPBSA. When a person joins a snooker club, they should automatically be entered into the League as well, so that there is a pool of players and that everyone can experience playing League snooker. Players only improve their games by playing in Leagues at grassroots level and EVERYBODY should get the opportunity to play in Leagues.

Stuart Bingham is a testimony to that.

On another note, Woking should scrap EPSB tournaments.

It should have these:

  • Cuestars
  • WDBS
  • WWS
  • Pro-Ams
  • Handicap/Scratch tournaments CAPPED at 16 players.

The club should remain a Community club for all and not just for a select few! It is too big to be an Academy! 

You can read the last Woking B story in this edition’s Woking News and Mail…

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