Winchester Women’s Series Grand Finals in May…

Winchester Women’s Series Grand Finals in May…

THE GRAND FINALS of the inaugural Winchester Women’s Series will be held on the 19th May, in Leicester.

Eight players will contest the final edition of what has been another useful addition to the women’s snooker scene as there were eight events in total since last August.

Tessa Davidson (pictured), who scooped four of the events, won along with Emma Parker, who has been fearless on the Exhibition Circuit for the past couple of years, Thai star Mink Nutcharut, claimed the first two, and Chrissy Allwood, who claimed the last event.

Main Tour player Rebecca Kenna, Sarah Dunn, Chloe Payne and Daisy May Oliver will also be set to complete the line-up in a few week’s time.

Chrissy Allwood, who claimed the final event, wrote this after on her Facebook page: “Really pleased to have the final event event.

I don’t really play competitively any more, so really pleased with the ranking points. I managed to rack up from playing only the last four of 8 events, making 3 semi’s and then getting an event win.

Experience, and match play has got me through till now, but there are good signs from putting in practice recently in terms of my scoring, so hoping there’s plenty left in the tank for the finals…”

TESSA DAVIDSON, the winning player of four of the events this season, said to SnookerZone’s Chris Gaynor: “I’m very pleased to have reached the grand Finals at the Winchester. The Series has given women snooker players the opportunity to play in regular monthly competitions – something which is lacking in the UK at the moment.

She added: “We want to encourage more women players to take up the game, and personally, I’d very much welcome more events like this. It’s been great for everyone who’s participated. Hopefully, there’s a Series 2 just like the first, already in the pipeline!”

SnookerZone’s Chris Gaynor has interviewed a few of the World Women Snooker Tour players and we wish the Grand Finalists the very best for the Grand Finals in May.

From the EPSB website: “Should any player within the top eight be unable to attend the Grand Finals then the next eligible player in the ranking list will receive an invite.The finals will begin with a group stage before reaching the knockout phase where the champion will be crowned.”

Chris Gaynor interviewed the Chairman of the WPBSA Jason Ferguson and captured the action and wrote the story for the Woking News and Mail earlier this year…

Happy Easter to everyone in the snooker world…


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