Winchester Women’s Series Event 7 – 2024…

Winchester Women’s Series Event 7 – 2024…

TESSA DAVIDSON scooped a fourth Winchester Women’s Open Series Event in Leicester at the weekend – Event 7.

The 54-year-old, previously interviewed here a while ago, along with Bolsover, met first-time finalist and Snooker Legends 900 star and current World Women’s No 15 Woking’s Jasmine Bolsove

World ranked 10 Davidson narrowly beat Bolsover, 24, 2 – 1 in the final.

Her fourth win on the Winchester Women’s series includes the other three winners, Mink Nutcharut, twice, and Emma Parker, who has been influential on the Exhibition circuit and has also had a go at the pool scene recently.

Bolsover shot up the rankings to 15 within two years of returning to the World Women’s Snooker Tour.

We got the EXCLUSIVE interview a couple of years ago here on SnookerZone and managed to get it in the Woking News and Mail as many other EXCLUSIVE PIECES.

March sees the World Women’s Snooker Championship head for the first time to China. It has previously been held in India, Singapore, and Thailand.

Reanne Evans is the standard bearer of Women’s snooker with an incredible 12 World titles and 12 UK titles.

She has won 58 ranking titles on the women’s tour overall, and 90 consecutive victories in women’s matches between 2008 and 2011. She has achieved the highest break on the women’s tour, having made 140 twice.

Davidson claimed the high break of 74, with Bolsover having a high break of 51.

The WWS Championship first had its staging in 1976 where it was VERA SELBY who claimed the title.

Dongguan Snooker Academy
Room 147, No.6
Xinshi 1st Street
Changping Town


Also, Neil Robertson and Mink Nutcharut will defend their World Mixed Doubles title when the unique tournament comes to Manchester Central next month.

Congratulations to everyone who competed in events across the board at the weekend. 

For all the snooker scores over the weekend and upcoming events, SEE SNOOKER SCORES…





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