Why Using Acronyms Will Help You Focus on Your Game

Hi there,

Do you know what an acronym is?

An acronym is a series of letters that form a word but they usually depict something to help people remember.

For example: NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation).

Why is this relevant here?

Because in sport, and more so in snooker, people need something to help them focus and remember something important in their technique.

A good coach will often try to get you to remember something by using this form of training. It helps your brain remember it easily.

An acronym or watchword can really help you focus on something that might be going wrong in your game to help you remember…

For example:

If you’re struggling to focus on getting through the cue ball, you could use an acronym such as…


Or, if you’re struggling to focus on keeping your grip hand relaxed on the cue, you could use a watchword such as…


Here at SnookerZone, our watchword is…


So, what’s that all about?

Here’s the lowdown…


Snooker is a game that requires complete concentration so if you’re not 100% focused for whatever reason, then why not just say to yourself, FOCUS!

But the word also refers to the fact that we want to FOCUS on an aspect of your game (technical part and make sure you’re completely focused on that!


This part is simple. When you’re doing whatever it is your practicing, we want you to ASSESS your progress!

This means RECORDING EVERYTHING you’re doing!

It could be anything from recording how many straight pots you achieved in a certain routine, or, how many you potted on the line-up routine.

It also means assessing your technique. Ask yourself these questions after you’ve played a shot.

  • What was I doing right there on the shot?
  • What didn’t feel comfortable?
  • Where was the cue tip pointing on impact?
  • Did I feel like I followed through the cue ball enough on the shot? Eg, did the hand hit the chest?

ASSESSING AND RECORDING mean just that. RECORDING and analysing the data or results when you get back and also analysing your technique.

Once you get in the habit of ASSESSING your own game, you’ll be able to see where others might be going wrong.

When you get good at it, watch others in your local club and watch what they’re doing.

  • Do they have a pre-shot routine?
  • Are they looking long enough on the object ball etc or focusing enough on the cue ball when addressing the ball?
  • DO they have a nice rhythm around the table?

These are questions you can ask yourself and of others.

So remember. ASSESS EVERYTHING! However small…


It’s simple. When you find something that works. Remember it! Write it down. Stick it on a post it note.

At SnookerZone, we bought a WHITE BOARD and every time we find something that works and is improving our game; we write it down and have it somewhere visible so we can REMEMBER it all the time so when we go to practice, it is fixed in our brains!


Find something in your game that’s not working, or you feel you could be improving on and find a little watchword…

Every time you go to play, USE IT to focus…!

But remember from SnookerZone…FAM!

  1. FOCUS

Enjoy your snooker!

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