Whitchurch Legends Scoop First English League Snooker Title in 2024…

Whitchurch Legends Scoop First English League Snooker Title in 2024…

AFTER THREE WEEKENDS from April onwards, the first winners of the EPSB English League Snooker Championships 2024 found Whitchurch Legends as the overall winners on the final weekend of action.

The winning players from the Whitchurch Legends team were

  • Lee Gorton
  • Lee Stephens
  • Jack Bradford
  • Matthew Roberts
  • Mike Dubiki
  • Robert Dubicki
  • Carl Bennett, …..


They played the finals over two days of action at the Landywood Snooker Club in Walsall, which is also gearing up for the inaugural Pink Ribbon event which sees the new World Champion Kyren Wilson and a string of other main tour professionals compete in what is a worthy cause – five years after the last event was held at the South West Snooker Academy in Gloucester.


SWMBA A were their finalists in what was reported to be a tense affair with the Legends claiming a 3 – 2 victory.

£1000 was pocketed to the winners, as that concludes the first National League event.

Around 18 teams competed in the overall event over the three weekends – it was surprising that there weren’t a few more League teams entered.

Whitchurch Legends, Telford, which includes Stan Moody, and SWMBSA D & A finished in the automatic positions while Surrey’s Byfleet League and the SWMBSA C were the two “runner-ups” to scrape through to qualify for the main showdown in June.

Read our two previous reports on the qualifiers, here…

There was success for Leeds Snooker League (Absolute Dream Team) and Nottingham Snooker who managed to come out on top over what was described as two tough days of play in Walsall in qualifiers 1. and 2

Both weekends saw a plethora of familiar names from the professional and semi-professional ranks including the likes of Mitchell Mann and Snooker Legends 900 stars from the two previous seasons, including the likes of Matt Ford from the Byfleet League, whom we’ve interviewed also on this website, as well as Lee Stephens et al.

Mark Ball of the Leeds teams, simply put it like this on the Finals Weekend…

“Disappointing for us as a team, if I’m honest. Great weekend, though.”

“We underperformed in the seedings matches, which I didn’t like if I’m honest, as it didn’t really make a difference and was just a day playing snooker without meaning if that makes sense?

He added: “Our KO match against the eventual winners was very close and really should have been 3 – 0 to us.”Losing two blackball frames when we were in control just summed up our weekend.” Then mixed with a controversial foul and miss ruling ended our run in the competition.”

Ball said that a lad called Ash from the Nottingham team knocked in a 123 on the Finals weekend.

Also, Ball said that Leeds would probably enter for the second edition if there is one.

According to the Malpas Sports Club, snooker is very popular at their club in the Whitchurch Snooker League in the Winter months.

Congratulations to everyone who competed in the three weekends and well done to the Whitchurch Legends.

Thanks to Mark Ball from Leeds for keeping us up to date.





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