When Pool Becomes Even Cooler in 2022, with Ultimate Pool…

When Pool Becomes Even Cooler in 2022, with Ultimate Pool…

As the Ultimate Pool season begins to wind down for 2021, with a successful first year…

Focus for cool new events in 2022 has already started.

Entries have been flying in for next year’s Ultimate Pool Women’s Series Champions League.

What already was planned as 64 players has soared to well over 80 entries with more interest coming in as we write this on SnookerZone.

The initial phase will see 20 round-robin groups of four with matches being the best of nine frames.

The top two from each group will qualify for the Champions League knockouts, whilst the bottom two will go into the Europa League knockouts – meaning all players are guaranteed plenty of action on the tables.

Prize money of over £32, 000 has already been clocked up.

There was plenty of support for a women’s event in 2022 from the male pool players.

On Facebook, Zac Leonard wrote:

“Having the ladies on board with us is massively important, not just for Ultimate Pool but for the Women’s game as a whole.

He added: “80 runners is absolutely fantastic, and we feel blessed you have trusted us to come along. We couldn’t accommodate you this year, but we made damn sure we did next year.”

Another adds: “Great for the ladies and men having the numbers they’ve got. Will UP be looking to the future to invest in junior pool? Seems to be neglected by every organisation. Need the younger players coming through too.”

On the Ultimate Pool Pairs Cup earlier on in the week, one of the Ultimate Pool pundits Simon Webb said that Ultimate Pool was trying to bridge the gap between the different organizations as there were quite a few.

Ultimate Pool has taken the game to new heights and new audiences in 2021 with the likes of the still-growing Ultimate Pool Pairs Cup and the dramatic Ultimate Pool Pro Series.

Freeports on Channel 64 has proved to be a good home for pool as BT Sport also get involved just after Christmas.

It has also had interest from the snooker world with four-time World Snooker Champion Mark Selby getting involved with the Pool Pairs Cup with his brother-in-law Gareth Potts.

The women’s event will see the likes of four-time former World Ladies Pool Champion Emma Cunningham in action – among a feast of others.

See our interview with Emma Cunningham here…

SnookerZone will be doing some more interviews soon…




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