What’s This Ex-WDBS Snooker Coach Doing Now?

Taking a rest is tough enough for able-bodied players, but this Shadow Rest makes it easier for wheelchair players to see the line of aim…

Ex-World Disability Snooker Head Coach Tim Squires may have left the WDBS – but the Haverhill man is busy beavering away coming up with new products for his disability students for TJSSnookerability.

Squires, 55, was the creator of the Shadow Rest alongside a WDBS wheelchair player Graham Bonnell, an ingenious aid for wheelchair players, enabling them to better see the shot from their lower position.

He told SnookerZone that his newest inventions are “awesome” for the disability snooker community and has created an A-Z coaching manual for players.

He also teased SnookerZone a little by saying he had created a new potting method to help visually impaired players and for wheelchair players, a new approach to the shot on the approach.

Squires teased: ” A normal player walks into the line of the shot, I have developed a method for wheelchair players, and also a potting technique for visually impaired players.”

He started playing snooker with his Dad on his Kitchen table, and, then, at 18, it just developed from there, but after surgery on his wrist he could no longer control his cue action, so he had to settle for coaching the game he loves instead.

When asked what snooker and the WDBS needed to do to have any chance of getting back into the Olympics one day, Squires said: “I personally know, but it’s up to the governing body.”

If you hear his mobile ring, you’ll know it’s him, as he has Snooker Loopy as his Ringtone, by Chas and Dave.

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