What’s so special about Ding Junhui chalk?

What’s so special about Ding Junhui chalk?

Ding Junhui chalk is the first chalk of its kind to have an avatar of a player on it.

Ding Junhui and his team at the Ding Junhui Snooker Academy in Sheffield have created the first chalk to have a player’s avatar on it – Ding himself.

The Chinese snooker star sensation, opened a new snooker academy in Sheffield designed to house the next generation of Chinese and foreign snooker stars, but more importantly, create a professional atmosphere that is lacking in some clubs across the country.

You’ve got some real young talent going in there – Stan Moody, who is hoping to turn pro has been seen in there a few times.

Junhui Ding
Ding won his first ranking event in 2005 after turning pro in 2003. In 2019 he won the UK Championship for a third time…He’s been to the World final in 2016 but lost to Mark Selby

But as well as putting his name to the Academy, Ding has also been seen playing with his own brand of chalk, as well as some of the other players.

Ding has come a long way since his days as a youngster when he won his first ranking event back in 2005 at the China Open.

He is now a global superstar and brand name and is admired both in the UK by UK snooker fans and Chinese fans.

DingJunhui chalk
This chalk is the first to have an avatar of a player on it…

SnookerZone purchased a block of it on Ebay from Chesworth cues (based in Sheffield). With every order you get a FREE tip protector from Chesworth cues.


So what’s special about it?

  • Firstly, when you get the chalk out of the packet, you will notice that there is a distinct smell to it! It’s a very potent smell. It smells distinctly of an air freshener type smell. Shame you can’t spray it around the room! lol
  • Second, it is the first chalk to have an avatar of a player. A very distinct way of branding it.
  • Thirdly, it appears not to be very powdery like some other chalks. In fact, it is very similar to the Taom chalks in that regard. Taom Pyro is very similar to it.
  • Fourth, like the Taom chalks it does not leave mess on your hands when you dip your thumb into it.


When SnookerZone can get back to playing in a snooker club when the corona virus pandemic has died down, we’ll be trying out this chalk, as well as Taom Pyro and Sniper chalk from Glygen to give the lowdown on how the chalks compare.

Watch this space…

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