What your first snooker coaching lesson might entail…

What your first snooker coaching lesson might entail…


So, when I booked my first ever lesson with a coach, I was nervous about what to expect.

Everyone would be, right?

It’s natural.

Would the coach be any good? Would the lesson be worth it? What would we be doing in the lesson? How does it work? These thoughts and questions were all rolling around in my head.

After I had the lesson, (in my case), a FULL day’s training, there was a feeling of utter relief. But, more importantly, a feeling of pure satisfaction. It was the most satisfying day I had had. EVER.

Enjoyable. Worthwhile.

So, if you’re skeptical about having a coaching lesson with a coach, SnookerZone will give you a short teaser into what to expect on a first coaching lesson with a coach.

What happens? What you might do.

Your first lesson with a snooker coach might look like this…

So, I met up with Brian Cox on a drizzly day around four years ago at Woking Snooker Centre for the first time.

Our first encounter then became a regular encounter.

What happened first…

So, first off, the first thing you might do with a snooker coach worth their sort is to have a preliminary discussion on your goals and aims within the game.

What do you intend to do with the new-found training you are about to learn?

In our case, our goal was to become a decent club player that knows what to do around the table.

We weren’t looking to become a pro or top amateur. Although, NEVER SAY NEVER.

Here’s the thing:

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The coach will observe your current game…

After the chitchat, the coach will probably then get you to pot some balls for ten minutes, and observe your whole game. Everything from your cue action, alignment, and focus will be analyzed.

You will probably have photos taken during that time to show you what your technique and alignment was prior to being shown your new technique and alignment.

The coach will be thorough in this. Cox was. You will be taken through the key areas such as:

  • Grip
  • Bridge
  • stance
  • Alignment
  • Cue action
  • Shot preparation

You will then be shown how the professionals deal with approaching the shots. This is more than just about being aligned right on the shot. This is about being shown how to get into good pre-shot and post-shot habits.

For example, planning the shot.

Making sure you’ve looked around the table properly beforehand and, focus when you’re down on delivering the cue straight to pot the ball.

The coach will take photo/videos of your settings, before and after

A good snooker coach will take photos and videos of before and after and will also send you a post-lesson email or WhatsApp message debriefing you and reminding you what you learned.

Obviously, depending on how much snooker you’ve played before, you might not even need much adjusting re your technique or alignment.

You might need a major tweak/s.

You might need minor ones.

The good coach will know. 

More importantly, you will come away from a lesson with a good coach feeling these emotions…

  • Inspired
  • Motivated
  • Keen to do more!
  • More confident

A good coach will not harass you to have another lesson. It’s up to you.

But, what you put into what you do after in terms of practice is up to you.

You get out what you put in. 

After the lesson/s, the ball is in your court.

But, having a lesson with a coach going over the basics is ESSENTIAL!

Meet a coach in the Coaching Zone now and then…

Book a lesson with one of them. 



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