‘We’re Closed’ – For Now…

‘We’re Closed’ – For Now…

Snooker clubs are to remain shut – for now.

The news comes as the World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association (WPBSA) confirmed in a statement that snooker was classed as an indoor sport and not a social club game.

It means fans won’t be enjoying a knock from this weekend as clubs were hoping to celebrate their own Independence weekend from the 4th.

The snooker table will remain empty for the moment.

Confusion over the status of snooker clubs…

Confusion  erupted last week as PM Boris Johnson announced on the 23rd June that pubs, bars, restaurants and social clubs as well as other sectors could reopen their doors since the 23rd March when the UK government announced a nationwide lockdown due to Covid-19 taking a stranglehold on the UK..

Response by some clubs…

Some snooker clubs took the news on the chin as others had already been gearing up for a big reopening from the 4th July (Independence Day).

But there was huge disappointment all around.

It means social clubs can open their bars or food facilities but not the snooker tables.

One club wrote on Facebook regarding the news.

The Portland Snooker club said:


Unfortunately we will NOT be able to open on Saturday or the near future as it has just been confirmed today that no indoor sports are allowed to be played. This is very disappointing and frustrating but out of our hands!

Until the government tell us otherwise it is out of our hands ☹️ anyone who has booked will get priority when we eventually get the green light!
Thanks for your patience and we will see you all soo🤞🏻

see the statement below

WPBSA / EPSB Statement: 30th June

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