“We Do Trust Each Other – Except in a Caravan…”

“We Do Trust Each Other – Except in a Caravan…”

THE JOKER Jimmy Croxton and his new Pairs Cup pal Liam White had a laugh after their breeze through to the next phase of the 2022/23 Ultimate Pool Pairs Cup. 

Jimmy Croxton and his long-time pal Liam White joked about the times they had spent touring the country in a caravan on the pool tours – and throwing birdseed at each other.

The pair were competing in the second week of the new edition of the Ultimate Pool Pairs Cup, which saw them cruise through to the next phase as the favourites.

Afterward, Croxton said that despite it looking on paper like it was a dead certainty to get through, he admitted that anything can happen in the format of the Pairs Cup and that if you lose in your last match, you’re probably out.

Liam White, who was brought on as a substitute pairing for Croxton after Neil Raybone withdrew from their partnership, was relieved to have got through the first phase of the competition, which has become a firm staple for Ultimate Pool fans on Monday nights on Freesports.

He added: “I’m delighted. I’m over the moon actually, because it’s the first time I’ve been sat in here.”

They were talking to Ultimate Pool’s commentator and broadcaster Steven Jamieson, and joked about their long-standing friendship when they toured around in a caravan.

White came through the Challenger Series last year to make it as an Ultimate Pool professional.

The beauty of the Pairs Cup is that those who qualify come from all walks of pool life, from local leagues, to county players, to internationals, and they have the chance to compete on TV with the best in the business and showcase their pool skills in front of a TV audience.

Every week, there is at least one pair who has never played on TV on a professional pool match table.

The Pairs Cup’s first edition saw four-time World Snooker Champion Mark Selby enter the fray as he will return in Week Six of the event.

Selby isn’t the only well-known name from the snooker world to take part – former Shanghai Masters and Gydnia Open finalist Jamie Burnett will team up with fellow Scotsman Scott Gillespie.

Next week sees Utimate Pool profesionals Declan Brennan and Ronan McCarthy, last season’s finalists, enter the arena.

You can catch the action FREE on the Freesports player app on Android or iPhone/ipad or on the Ultimate Pool website.

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