Watch: Business Insights with Snooker Boss Barry Hearn…

Watch: Business Insights with Snooker Boss Barry Hearn…

In snooker since 2010…

Barry Hearn has injected a new enthusiasm and passion and determination to grow and grow the sport.

This extreme growth has seen the sport expand globally with prize money totaling in the millions.

The 2020 World Championship prize money for the winner is a record 500K and will only grow and grow.

Snooker under the Hearn era has never been in healthier territory. But that is through Hearn’s decades of experience in promoting sports such as snooker, darts, and others.

Hearn on business and luck…

In this interview with Business Leader Insights, Hearn talks candidly about his influences, how he got started, what the struggles have been with sport during the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as having questions from members of the public.

As people know, snooker led the way in being put on in the pandemic in testing times. But all at WST came through it and the 2020 Championship League proved that sport can unite people in a crisis and give hope and inspiration for many.

In the interview, Hearn explains how the business of sport may change as people’s habits, bank balances and choices change.

He said that it’s likely that people will move away from big monthly subscriptions to choosing more targeted packages for their needs and budgets.

Make sure you maximize the luck you get.

He talks about the time he first met Steve Davis. He was lucky. He took the opportunity and made the most of the marketing from taking a scraggy, ginger-haired nobody into an iconic sporting hero.

You need luck. But it’s what you make of it once you get it.

Same on the snooker table. If you get the fluke, it’s no use to you if you don’t make the most of it!

Watch more the interview in full now, below…

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