Watch: 200ft Snooker TrickShot in Action…

There’s snooker trickshots, and there’s BIG snooker trickshots…

This is not the first time global snooker trick shot sensation Shane O’Hara has engaged in snooker stunts of the unusual kind and has showcased his trick shot creativity at other venues on the World Snooker circuit.

In his latest stunt at the Coventry Building Society Arena this week, he completed a 200ft trick shot ahead of the Snooker Cazoo World Grand Prix next week.

Currently, the World professional snooker tour is playing the Scottish Open in Llandudno in Wales but heads to Coventry for the World Grand Prix next week.


Coventry Building Society set the Irishman the challenge ahead of the world’s best snooker players battling it out from December 13-19 at the Coventry Building Society Arena for the first time.

Tasked with creating a course using equipment found only within the home of Wasps Rugby, Wasps Netball and Coventry City FC, it took O’Hara ten hours to create the impressive course.

Constructed using 12 footballs, eight rugby balls, nine netballs, 100 training cones, 22 training poles, 12 tackle bags, ten shoelaces, two snooker cues and a snooker table, it took over 200 takes to execute the run.

Starting from inside the Coventry City FC home changing room, the 200-foot course weaved through the corridors underneath the stand, through the tunnel before the final snooker ball was potted pitchside 56 seconds later.

O’Hara said: “Building this trick shot through the Coventry Building Society Arena had some unique challenges. With the task of only using items that were found on site, and with a limited time to do it, I think it has turned out extremely well.

“I’m looking forward to seeing the world’s best snooker players in action at the Coventry Building Society Arena next week.”

Michelle Pickard, Head of Marketing at Coventry Building Society, added: “Coventry Building Society Arena is the perfect place for major national events and next week’s tournament will attract an audience from across the UK and beyond.

“The Arena is a huge venue so for Shane to create a piece of snooker magic that took in so many features – inside and out – is really impressive! I’m sure there will be some amazing moments when the best players in the world compete against each other – but hopefully none of their shots will make it out onto the pitch, like Shane’s did.”

The Snooker Cazoo World Grand Prix takes place at the Coventry Building Society Arena December 13-19.

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