Was it Make or Break for Woking C in the Byfleet League This Week?

SnookerZone rolled into watch Woking C in the Byfleet League on Thursday at #Woking Snooker Centre in Surrey.

As the Byfleet league snooker season enters its 10th week of play since September 23rd, Woking C has exceeded their expectations after bouncing back from their very first loss way back in September.

Woking C Byfleet League 2021/22
On top of the League in 2021/22 so far: (From left to right. Adam Hill, Ivan Astin, Ivan Monchukoushvy and Pete Butler…

Since that loss, they’ve now won 9 out of 10 matches and have a 100% record at home.

Their 6 – 0 whitewash of Staines Con D was their third one of the season.

However, now over halfway through, the battle for the top spot in League Division 2 is even more exciting as Woking C played Staines Con D at home.

Staines Con D are the rival contenders for the season’s trophy. As one player from their side put it, a battle between first and second.

A kind of football div 2 clash…

Captain Ivan Astin, a friend of the website, said before their matches: “Whoever wins tonight, will probably win it.”

He added: “I’ll take a 3 – 3 draw 100% as it means they gain no ground on us.”

There was a buzz inside Woking Snooker Centre as a few of Woking’s top players huddled in to watch the match.

The Captain decided to bat his best player first in Peter Butler. He’s already made an impact on the league Division 2 this season with the highest break of 63.

Pete Butler is a powerhouse on the table, SnookerZone learns.

We watched him in a short spell of practice before the matches started and Butler strikes the ball sweetly and effortlessly.

League matches are played on the No 1 match table at Woking Snooker Centre…

Now the matches…

Butler shot out of the blocks in the first frame with a barrage of tiny but impressive runs and did enough to keep the Staines Con D player Andrew Veness at bay, who seemed a little frustrated and couldn’t quite keep up with the rhythm of Butler.

In the second frame, Butler kept the pressure on, but his opponent was a more tactical player and the frame became a longer tactical bout, but Butler made a nice 23 break, which was enough to see him over the line.

Adam Hill won the next, another frame where there was a spell of tactical play, but he managed to hold the nerve and see it out after a nervy start.

After his frame. Hill told SnookerZone: “I couldn’t get started early on but towards the end I got it.”

Captain Ivan Astin stepped up next.

And after a nervy start from the New Malden cueist, he finally got into a rhythm towards the end.

It came down to the colours, and there was a spell of 10 mins or so where they were playing on the pink.

Astin needed both pink and black to win the frame as there were 12 points in it.

He potted the pink, and then there was another spell of safety play.

The Staines Con D player left a long black teasing Astin to go for it.

After a nervy start, things were even tenser. But the Captain, with a puff of the cheeks, coolly got down and struck it into the heart of the pocket for them to take a 4 – 0 lead and win the frame by one point.


Astin told SnookerZone after that nervy first frame: “I was so happy to pot that black!”

Astin was up again and in the next frame won his match, having settled down, 44 – 18.

Adam Hill was up in the last and it ended up in a 6- 0 whitewash.

It now means Woking C is top and well on course with a 42 point lead to Staines Con D’s 33.

Next week see Woking C go away to Egham United Services A.

SnookerZone will be publishing an interview with Pete Butler, very soon…

Stay tuned.

Do you want to play in a league next season? Talk to your local snooker club and find out how. Or search online for “snooker leagues” and there is information out there.

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