Video Profiles on Snooker Products…

SnookerZone is always browsing Youtube hunting for good examples of product reviews or walkthroughs from others to compare what others are saying about snooker and pool products.

The Practice Room does a good walk-through of how to use the Ultimate Cue Tip Tool, a product that SnookerZone carries in his cue case – along with a Cue Craft leather burnisher, and the Racker three-in-one cue tip shaper tool!

We’ll have more on The Racker three-in-one tip shaper later, which SnookerZone fully recommends!

We’ve been using the Ultimate Tip tool mainly for the burnisher, as we think the UTT is good for the burnisher and the trimming of the mushroom edges. However, we don’t like the shapers on the UTT. They don’t shape as well as on The Racker tip shaped three-in-one tool.

SnookerZone has a few reviews up his sleeve in the next weeks. We’ve currently been playing with a Mike Wooldridge Super Cue Tip. We’ll be giving you the lowdown on that

But meanwhile, here’s a video on the Ultimate Tip Tool from The Practice Room, a pool channel…


Chris Gaynor

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