Ultimate Pool’s Group of Death: Week 18 in the Pairs Cup…

Ultimate Pool’s Group of Death: Week 18 in the Pairs Cup…

LEGENDS Phil Harrison and Michael (Mick) Hill came through the Eative Ultimate Pool Pairs Cup Group of Death on Monday to go into final’s night in three week’s time.

The dynamic duo, with 9 championships between them, managed to avoid the dreaded but dramatic six-red shootout by winning all three matches to see them through to the final week on week 21.

It began with a tough first match for them against the young guns of Dom Cooney and Luke Gilbert, who held themselves together well in the first match with them which proved to be the longest “timed” frame of pool since Ultimate Pool came on the scene a year or so ago.

With over a 15 minute frame on a timed 20 min match, in their first match, which involved more safety and tactics, eventually, Harrison and Hill opened the balls up and with 4 mins 30 left on the clock, they managed to run down the clock for a tight victory 1 – 0.

After the match, Michael Hill said he was a bit red-cheeked out there but said that the pair love that kind of tactical frame in pool.

Hill, 41, said: “You know when you’ve got red cheeks that you’ve been put through it.”

‘We’ve served our apprenticeship in the game and paid our dues.”

He added: “We like those kinds of games because we feel we can express our pool education.”

Phil Harrison, 48, simply said: “We loved it.”

Hill then added about Dom Cooney and Luke Gilbert, “They’re two great potters, but they’ve still got a lot to learn. And they will do. They will do. They like to learn.”

He said the Pairs Cup was a bit of fun and understood it was more for the fans than the players.

The Group of Death, as it was nicknamed, also featured the pairing of David McNamara and Gareth Higgins, as well as Clint I’Anson and Jack Whelan.

Luke Gilbert

Luke Gilbert wrote on Facebook after:

“Wasn’t to be last night. Really happy with how myself and Dom Cooney both played, winning 2/3 of our matches, but unfortunately just fell short and finished second in the group. Personally think we played the best stuff on the night, but these 2 just know when to pull out the big shots in the big moments and just swing the whole evening. Best of luck Philip Harrison and Mick for the finals night👌🏻

Ultimate Pool Pairs Cup Results:

Clint I’Anson and Jack Whelan 2 – David McNamara and Gareth Higgins 2. 

Michael Hill and Phil Harrison 1 – Dom Cooney and Luke Gilbert 0. 

Dom Cooney and Luke Gilbert 3 – Clint I’Anson and Jack Whelan 2 

David McNamara and Gareth Higgins 1 – Mick Hill and Phil Harrison 4

Dom Cooney and Luke Gilbert 4 – David McNamara and Gareth Higgins 1

Phil Harrison and Mick Hill 2 – Jack Whelan and Clint I’Anson 1

The Ultimate Pool Pairs Cup runs for another three weeks with next week another cracking set of matches with four-times World Snooker Champion Mark Selby and Gareth Potts down to play for their Last 16 draw.

Gareth Potts was on commentary for the Group of Death and said he couldn’t wait to get back to the action with Selby.

You can catch the action on Freesports every Monday night on Freeview channel 64, or on the Ultimate Pool website.

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