Ultimate Pool Pairs Cup Update…

Ultimate Pool Pairs Cup Update…

The favourites of week 13 scraped through their last match by nicking a draw in the Eative Ultimate Pool Pairs Cup on Monday…

Ultimate Pool professional Declan Brennan and his legend partner Ronan McCarthy were the favourites in week 13 of the 21-week marathon but it was touch and go in their last match as they squeezed a draw preventing them from taking part in the dramatic six-reds shootout which they said beforehand they had not really practised much.

It was plain sailing for the Northern Ireland duo in their first two games, but from 2 – 1 down in the last at 2 mins 43 on the clock they needed to nick a frame to have any chance of going through. And they got it.

Ultimate Pool Pairs games have a 20 min clock and whoever is in front wins – but if a team reaches four frames before the clock, they’ve also won. A point is scored for a draw and two points for a win.

Brennan, 28, who is ranked three on the Ultimate Pool Pro rankings, told the Ultimate Pool pundits after: “You need that bit of luck sometimes when it matters.”

He added about his pairing with McCarthy: “We make a good team.”

McCarthy, 52, added: “it was tense. It was tense indeed.”

Brennan said that with his Ultimate Pool experience and McCarthy’s flair on the table, they had a good chance of lifting the title in 2022.

However, with a star studied line-up going into the last 16 of the event in 2022, it’s going to be even more difficult to call who will win the trophy in Newcastle-Under-Lyme.

Brennan will be back in action this weekend for events 7 and 8 of the Professional Series which will be shown live on FreeSports TV and ultimatepool.tv.

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Group 13 Results

Eddie Barker & Dylan Leary 2-0 Kyle Brown & Denis Horan

Declan Brennan & Ronan McCarthy 3-0 Chris Back & Darren McCarthy

Brown & Horan 2-2 Back & D. McCarthy

Barker & Leary 0-4 Brennan & R. McCarthy

Barker & Leary 4-0 Back & D. McCarthy

Brown & Horan 2-2 Brennan & R. McCarthy

Brennan & R. McCarthy win the group


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