Ultimate Pool Pairs Cup Update: Week 12…

Ultimate Pool Pairs Cup Update: Week 12…

Talented 8 ball duo DOM COONEY and LUKE GILBERT were buzzing after they managed to ease into the final stages of the Eative Ultimate Pool Pairs Cup on Monday.

Dom Cooney and Luke Gilbert can’t wait to play the legends Hill and Harrison in the next phase of the competition…

As one of the youngest duo in the 21-week competition, the 27 and 21-year-old pair won Group 12 with a match to spare but lost the victory match lap against John Roe and Lee Kendall.

They face a tough next round as they will line up against the legends of Michael Hill and Phil Harrison in January, who breezed through their group last week.

Young Luke Gilbert told Ultimate Pool after when they heard they would be facing the might of Hill and Harrison next in 2022.

“They’re the best 2 in the game and it’s nice to test yourself against them.”

Dom Cooney, the Ultimate Pool professional said when asked how they would get on with a six red shootout, if it got to that point, “It’s a bit hit and miss, really.”

He quipped to his Facebook followers after:

“Buzzing to get through with Gilbo tonight. Was great fun. Have been told we’ve got a pretty easy group next round.”

Thankfully, they didn’t need it!

Gilbert is eager to push on and be able to make it as an Ultimate Pool professional next year, he said.

Although they eased through the Group, it wasn’t easy by any means as they had World Champion and World runner-up John Roe and Lee Kendall, who had played against each other in the World Pool Championship.

In fact, the pair of Simon Webb and Steven Jamieson said in commentary before the match that it was a tough week to call who would win.

Kendall, 51, is actually the CEO of the Ultimate Pool brand, and before the matches said he hadn’t really played that much because of all the phone calls and business surrounding moving the Ultimate Pool brand forward.



He said that the reason behind coming up with the exciting new six reds shootout and the different format was this.

“It’s in the interest of the sport and to take the game forward.”

One fan on Facebook said that there was finally something decent to watch on Freeview!

Cooney and Gilbert kicked off their first match with a 3 – 1 win against Jamie Moray and Richard Gifford and then followed it up with a narrow 3 – 2 win over Craig Hart and Matt Laurenson with 46 seconds left on the clock.

They lost their remaining match to Kendall and Roe  3 – 1, but it didn’t matter.

You can catch up with the action every Monday on Freeview channel 64 in the UK or on the Ultimate Pool website.

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