Ultimate Pool Pairs Cup: Final Group of 2021…

Ultimate Pool Pairs Cup: Final Group of 2021…

Back in week eight of the Eative Ultimate Pool Pairs Cup, the oldest pairing of Neil Davey and Steve Singh came through a tough group in dramatic style.

They had a combined age of 106.

And for week 16, eight weeks on, it was no exception that the event, which has captured the inspiration of pool fans (and snooker fans alike) saw the event’s youngest pairing go through.

Scott Coventry, 22, and Bryan Cumming, 21, managed a Steely come through on Monday to take them into what is going to be an exciting remaining few weeks of this 21-week event when they join the likes of Gareth Potts and Mark Selby, and a string of other greats in the game into the last 16.

The duo, both U-18 World Pool Doubles Champions, had just a combined age of 43!

Coventry, at the age of just 14, was proudly selected to play in the European Championships in Malta.

Cash for Kids helped him raise some funds to fund the experience back then. 

But it was appearing on TV in Ultimate Pool that will be another great memory by having to get through a tough group to progress.

They were in a tough group where the favourites of Ultimate Pool pro duo Craig Lakin and Jordan Shepherd were expected to go through as they were said to play very quickly in Shootout style pool.

However, it wasn’t to be for them, as Coventry and Cumming upset the order.

For many of the duos who have played in the Ultimate Pool Pairs Cup, it was their first go on TV on a speedy match table in front of TV cameras and bright lights.

It has also seen a wide variety of pool players, from local league players to legends of the game, and with the format, you just never know what’s going to happen.

The Scottish duo Cumming and Coventry adapted well, drew their first match, but then went on to whitewash their next opponents 4 – 0.

They recorded an outstanding win over the favourites in their last match 4 – 0.

Group 16 Results

Scott Coventry & Bryan Cumming 2-2 Tony Jackman & Craig Woods

Craig Lakin & Jordan Shepherd 3-1 Wayne Lewis & Ryan Scott

Coventry & Cumming 4-0 Lewis & Scott

Jackman & Woods 1-3 Lakin & Shepherd

Jackman & Woods 1-2 Lewis & Scott

Coventry & Cumming 4-0 Lakin & Shepherd

The event takes a pause for Christmas but will return in earnest for the final stages in 2022 on January 3rd.

Don’t miss it.

Catch it on Freesports on a Monday night on Freeview channel 64 or on the Ultimate Pool website elsewhere.

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