Ultimate Pool Champions League Returns for 2022 Edition…

Ultimate Pool Champions League Returns for 2022 Edition…

Ultimate Pool’s Champions League, sponsored by Vegan Snacks company Vinny, returned for the second edition on Monday.

After a successful 21 weeks of the Eative Ultimate Pool Pairs Cup, the Champions League saw the first week of intensity with the No 1 ranked Ultimate Pool player Shane Thompson in action eager to push on from his incredible feats of last year.

Thompson, who won an incredible three Ultimate Pool Pro Series last year and became the No 1 ranked player, last season in the Champions League didn’t make it through the group stages, but this year, he scraped through in Group 1.

Talent Edgar Did the No 1 a Favour…

It was touch and go and came down to the last match of the first group with Geo Edgar playing the Lethal Dylan Leary, who was on fire in his previous matches. Thompson required a favour from the talented young Edgar by Edgar needing a win or draw to help send the No 1 through to the next stages of the event. He duly got a draw 3 – 3.

After, a relieved Thompson said to Ultimate Pool about getting through: “The boy done good.”

On Thompson’s incredible run last year in the Ultimate Pool Pro events, he said it would be unlikely to replicate that feat again.

He added: “Just see how it goes and be good to just win a couple of trophies.”

Edgar, who did Thompson a favour this time around, said about his 2021 season.

“I was a bit disappointed, to be honest.”

There are each week a group of four players, with six matches lasting 20 mins with a race to four frames, or if at the end whoever is ahead on frames when the clock runs down, is the winner.

As usual, this action can be watched on Freesports EVERY MONDAY NIGHT or catch it on the UP website…



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