UK Womens Snooker Championship Begins On Saturday…

UK Womens Snooker Championship Begins On Saturday…

THE 2022 UK WOMENS SNOOKER CHAMPIONSHIP begins on Saturday and finishes Sunday. 

It comes ahead of a busy weekend in sport as Sunday sees the women’s England football team, the Lionesses, compete in the final of the European Women’s Football Championships.

Despite football and snooker being worlds apart in terms of popularity, the representation of the English women’s football team competing in a major European final is an important milestone for not only women’s football, but also women’s sport.

Snooker has a much smaller following compared to women’s football, but women all around the country can take positivity from the fact that anything can be achieved if you put your mind to it.

Hopefully, the inspiration of the Lionesses can inspire more women to compete in women’s sports of all different varieties, including trying new and exciting sports like snooker.

Back to the snooker…

The UK Women’s Championship, which is being hosted in Leeds once again sees initial groups from A – I compete in a round-robin format before the final stages are held.

Reanne Evans and World Women’s Snooker Champion Nutcharut Wongharuthai are seeded through to knockout, but Rebecca Kenna and Hong Kong’s Ng On Yee are in the group stages.

Rebecca Kenna summarises in a tweet, the positives of women playing on the snooker tour and how it can inspire young girls to pick up cues. She was also recently interviewed on the Talking Snooker Podcast…

Woking’s Jasmine Bolsover, 22, who has made great strides in the women’s game last season making a return after her university studies, has been practicing hard and playing in events at Woking Snooker Centre and winning them. (SnookerZone has seen that firsthand). She won the handicap a few weeks ago playing with very good players.

She is playing in Group I with Ronnie O’Sullivan’s cousin Maria Catalano involved, who played earlier on in May at The Crucible as the first woman to play in a World Seniors event.


Sports, regardless of what they are, do three KEY things.

They can…

  • Unite
  • Inspire
  • Help people grow…

Good luck to ALL those playing in Leeds and to the Lionesses on Sunday…

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