TV Snooker Legends 900 Players Confirmed…

TV Snooker Legends 900 Players Confirmed…

LEGENDS and a handful of top female snooker stars have already been confirmed for the TV stages of season 2 of the Snooker Legends 900.

It has been confirmed that the 900 will feature some of the top stars from the World Women’s Snooker Tour such as Hong Kong’s Ng On Yee, Emma Parker, Jasmine Bolsover, Mary Talbot Deagon, and Chucky Preston, all will potentially be playing on the TV stages after what was a successful and entertaining first season of the event in The Crucible Club, Reading.

As per usual, Legends for the event will include the likes of Dennis Taylor, Tony Drago, and the Eurosport commentator Joe Johnson, who will be appearing in the TV stages as well.

It’s set to be another cracking few weeks of LIVE AMATEUR snooker on TV with qualifying rounds for people wishing to appear on the TV – and potentially pocket a top prize of £10,000.

The Snooker Legends 900 is a new concept of the game. A frame is 15 minutes in length, which is 900 seconds. A 20-second shot clock is in operation throughout. It’s going to be fast and furious.

This new 15-minute, one-frame style event promised to open a new and exciting chapter for amateur snooker players globally in 2022 as it seeks to expand and improve and get better in 2023.

Reports have been well documented here on SnookerZone of those who achieved positively in the 2022 edition – with a variety of youth and experience on show in Reading.

It enables a variety of amateurs from around the globe to compete in a new format and those that qualify for the TV stages from the qualifiers will gain vital exposure from appearing on TV to a far-reaching audience.

There will be a wash with talent from the amateur world as the fast and furious event returns in September and according to the Snooker Legends page will be returning to Sporty Stuff TV Sky 427.

Already the entries for the qualifiers continues to pour in with BIG NAMES and some local snooker hitters.

Ant Parsons was the lucky winner of the 900 first season. Will it be you in 2023?





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