What’s the best snooker cue tips in 2019?

What’s the best snooker cue tips in 2019?




So, what are the top cue tips you should try out now?

Well, with so many on the market, it’s impossible to say for sure if one tip is better over another.

And, it really is about the individual player and how they feel with a certain type of tip.

You’ll either love ’em, or hate ’em!

It’s that simple!

I’ve tried out lots of tips now, and, can honestly say that these three would be in the premier league of snooker tips if there was one.

There is stiff competition around from a few brands.

And everyone has their own preferences.

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Century though, for sure, would be top of the league at this minute! It doesn’t matter if you go for a G1 or G5, these babies really are the bees!

Read why below now…

PS: We love two other tips as well, such as Regency Pro tips


Century Cue Tips
Quality in a box: Century Cue Tips come in Grades 1 – 5: Choose your type: Click the image to choose yours…

Quality comes as the standard in these snooker cue tips from Century available in 10mm.

The uniqueness of the product is they come in different grades, so you can choose which grade you would like to use on your cue that suits your game.

Normally, with some tips, you don’t know what you’re going to get in a pack. You might get an assortment of different tips from hard to soft.

With Century tips, you can choose the grade you want. You know what you’re going to get.

It depends on the type of tip you like to use and the feel on the shot.

If you are someone who likes a soft to medium tip then playing with a G1 or G2 is the tip for you from Century.

If you prefer a harder denser sounding tip then go for the G3 or G4.

Either way, you won’t be disappointed.

You get four in a box.

I have used most of the Centuries, and my preferences would be to use a G3 or a G5.

The G5 is custom made, and much harder than the G4, but it is longer lasting than any “normal” tip on the market.

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Beautifully and uniquely presented, quality and style combine to give you one of the best, if not THE best snooker tip on the market.

For added style, use the new Taom snooker chalk to grip that Century cue tip and give your performance a boost when using spin and control on the snooker table!

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Black Heart Tips
Easy to Fit: Black Heart Tips

It’s a tough call – as I’ve tried both Century tips and Black Heart and I really liked both.

What swung it for me with the Century tips, however, was the presentation.

Black Heart tips are quality though, all the same. They were easy to stick on and I really liked the sound of them when impacting the cue ball.

There’s a lot of grip and I had no problems playing deep screws.

For me, these two are a cut above the rest on the market when it comes to tips that require chalk.



Blue Diamond
A Winner with Screw Shots: Blue Diamond

Made in America. And quality. Brunswick Blue Diamonds do a sound job. Having had a knock with them on a snooker lesson using my coach’s Peradon cue, these had to come in at number three. Was such a tough call though!

They performed well in the lesson, a deep screw that surpassed all expectations. The tip felt quite soft on impact, and looks good on the ferrule when shaped and sanded. See video below…



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