Top Pro Graeme Dott Quizzed in Snooker Fans Group on Facebook

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Scottish professional Graeme Dott took time out of his hectic schedule on the professional circuit to be quizzed by some fans in the popular Facebook fan group Snooker Fans.

The group has around 43K members and Dott answered a variety of questions, including, what more needs to be done to get more children (and adults) playing snooker in the UK.

Dott wrote:

The clubs need snooker minded people running clubs and run Pro-Ams because the amateurs and the youngsters need more diverse competition. But I realize they need to earn money too.”

He added: “The WPBSA needs to do a lot more too.”

The former 2006 World Champion also said that he thought the money currently being spent on the new World Seniors tour could have been better spent on grassroots snooker.

Dott added further: “Local associations have to get together for the good of the game before it’s too late and put pressure on the WPBSA to work on the amateur game in the whole country, otherwise, we won’t see a home player in the top 16 soon!”

Other questions included views on form and also who he was currently working with. Dott said at one stage he had even thought of packing it in. But is now working with the coach Chris Henry, who was one of the commentators who commentated on the Paul Hunter Classic between Peter Ebdon and Kyren Wilson.

He added: “I was awful, but Chris has turned that around.”

Controversially, being a snooker player, Dott told fans that he didn’t think cuesports of any kind should be classed as Olympic sports.

He wrote: There are many events that don’t merit it. I see Olympic events as Athletics and endurance!”

Currently, this week sees the richest invitational in the professional calendar, the Shanghai Masters, where the winner will pick up 200K as the first prize.

Ronnie O’Sullivan begins his 2018/19 campaign in earnest this week in China at the event as a defending Champion.

Kyren Wilson, fresh from his emphatic win in Bangkok against DIng Junhui in the World Sx Reds final 8 – 4, is now a proven winner and has already in the last three weeks, trousered 102K in prize money.

Wilson won the ranking version of the Shanghai event in 2015, his first ranking title.

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