Top Pro Explains Mindset When Building a Break…

Top Pro Explains Mindset When Building a Break…

MICHAEL HOLT explains the mindset a top player goes through when compiling a break and using side and trying to find the center of the cue ball. 

This video is useful because it not only gets all standards of player thinking about shot selection, but it’s also refreshing to see that even professional players have doubts about certain aspects of their technique.

Striking the white ball center has always been a controversial topic in snooker coaching.

Some believe that it’s a myth and that it’s near impossible to strike the cue ball dead center on shots.

Through training aids and visual recognition practice, it is possible to establish what a player believes to be center ball. However, this is where it gets subjective.

For example, SnookerZone’s perception of center cue ball is SLIGHTLY RIGHT of CENTER, as he is a VERY LEFT MINDED player and so, to some, that would be perceived as putting a trace of right.

So, in essence, you have to learn through practice and trial and error, what your perception of center cue ball is and train your eyes to be able to point your tip at that place consistently!

Everyone’s eyes see things differently.

As highlighted in Holt’s video, some shots require a “trace” of side to help the cue ball go to where it’s going.

Then, you’ve got Nic Barrow, explaining how to aim with side and drills you can do to improve your confidence with aiming with side…

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