Top Praise for Women Stars in 900…

Top Praise for Women Stars in 900…

BILLY CASTLE and Lee the shirt Richardson lavished praise on two of the women stars who competed in weeks five and six of the fast and furious amateur event the 900.

Emma Parker and Jasmine Bolsover were both praised highly for their cue actions which Castle said were very similar and Lee the shirt said both women had done the event proud.

Castle added: “They both pot some lovely balls, don’t they! Good players.”

Emma Parker’s 900 came to an early end on Wednesday in the finals night of week six as she was knocked out by the talented seasoned amateur Cuestars senior Dharminder Lilly, who went onto win week six with just seconds to go in a dramatic final.

Lilly played the talented Brendan O’Donoghue in the final and O’Donoghue was seconds away from the win before Lilly raced to pot three balls in the nick of time and take himself into the Grand Finals in November.

The 48-year-old started off his campaign against Emma Parker and  managed a cool 45 to progress to the semi-finals on Finals night, week six of the 900.

Praise for the talented women stars who played in the 900 so far.

The World no 15 Bolsover and World no 7 Parker had done the event proud in their attempts to get through their rounds despite falling short for a bit of poor run of the balls or unluckyness or just excellent play from their opponents.

Lee the Shirt Richardson said that Emma Parker, 24,  had been knocking them in from distance really well in both seasons of the 900, but on this occasion “she didn’t get a chance” against Lilly, as a lot of the play was safety until Lilly seized his chance and knocked in the 45 and a 20 to get through.

Three times World Champion Ng On Yee also knocked in a steely 108 early on in the event as well.

In week five, Woking star Bolsover, 23, was unlucky on one occasion and in the second match almost cleared in a gutsy attempt to clear the colours to get back in front, but missed a pink on the top rail.

Jasmine Bolsover like Emma Parker potted some delightful balls in her second appearance on the 900

Mary Talbot Deegan managed a semi-final and did very well as well in the event.

In week seven of the event, Ronnie O’Sullivan’s cousin Maria Catalano flies the flag for the women on the World Women’s Snooker tour in the 900.

And Ryan Mears, a top amateur who has amateur titles galore, and also a top league player in the Byfleet League in Surrey, will be making an appearance as will a few other familiar faces to snooker fans across the globe.

Irish amateur Brendan O’Donoghue, who had won on day two of week six of the 900 knocked in a steely 50 plus break against Tony the Tornado Drago, to progress to the semi-finals. Drago, one of the top favourites was disappointed as he was 20 points behind on the colours but couldn’t pot the blue and potentially dish to clear to force a deadlock. It was a gritty match.

Bond shaken  in a Blue ball shootout

In the second semi-final, the Man with the Golden Cue Nigel Bond was in a 36 point deadlock with Brendan O’Donoghue and it was a blue ball shootout.

O’Donoghue cooly struck the blue to put himself into the final of week six against Lilly.

The 900 continues to captivate audiences on TV and online on the YouTube channel SportyStuff as that concludes week six of the fast and furious amateur snooker event the 900 for this week.

Well done to everyone who competed in week six and week seven is expected to be another cracking week of action. It was good to see The Captain Ali Carter, a top pro as well as Stuart Bingham in previous weeks make an appearance in commentary and punditing on the event too.






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