Today’s Ditty…

Today’s Ditty…

Forget what others say, you’re on your own path; so don’t compare yourself to others. Your journey is your journey and no one else’s.

Be that person who is always bigging up people and cheering people on. And be your own biggest cheerleader even when the toxic people are doubting you. #Bekind. Always.

The toxic people will always get found out. #Keepgoing. And will always be rooted out if need be.

Stay silent. Observe. SnookerZone has lots of calling help and skills in abundance.. Journalism is 90% promotion and 10% investigation and SnookerZone has the powers to do both if needed. Don’t underestimate or mess with us!

Chris Gaynor

Chris Gaynor is a writer with 10 years' experience writing for the web. He loves snooker, CSI and loves cycling off tiramisu!