2023: These Style Shirts Are Making Amateur Snooker Sexy in 900…

2023: These Style  Shirts Are Making Amateur Snooker Sexy in 900…

A SNOOKER FAN on the YouTube SportyStuff channel asked during the live feed: Does Lee the shirt Richardson play in this? (900)

Well, the simple answer is this, he can play in any shirt he likes!

While week five players were hustling in the 900 this week, in snooker’s fast and furious amateur snooker event that has taken The Fall by storm, Lee the Shirt Richardson was apparently hustling the World Snooker Tour back in the 2000s, and a snooker coach John Mcardle wanted to resurrect a Challenge Tour, according to the Bucks Free Press back in 2002.

The question comes as Lee the Shirt Richardson has made amateur snooker sexy each week in the 900 with his dazzling and colourful shirts that attract a lot of fans to the game and ensure eyes are on amateur snooker for three days of the week for eight weeks in Fall and Winter.

Modern Snooker needs more characters like Lee the Shirt Richardson, and it’s testimony to Jason Francis and Snooker Legends for creating an event that has both drama, entertainment, and a bit of style and that je ne sais quoi!

SnookerZone remembers watching Lee the Shirt Richardson on Big Break with John Virgo.

Back to 900 finals night Wednesday.

Home favourite in Reading Billy Castle didn’t come through the 900 as expected, but it was Andy Lavin, a former professional many moons ago in the 1990s who took the crown of winning week five season two of the 900.

Lavin, 48, played the very good player Irish senior Rodney Goggins in the final, and said after he wouldn’t have minded if Goggins had got through.

Well done to everyone who competed in week five and to Mary Talbot Deegan and Jasmine Bolsover, the two stars of the World Women’s Snooker tour.

If you want a similar shirt to ones Lee Richardson wears then head down to a small shop in Woking, called Red and have a browse for waistcoats, suits, and these colourful shirts.


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