Choose the right snooker Training Aid for you…

Choose the right snooker Training Aid for you…


A  snooker training aid…

Can do a lot to help you in your quest to become a better snooker player.  

You can get a range of training aids for all aspects of improving your game. 

Whether it’s training balls.

Aiming aids.

Or Cueing aids. 

We’ll show you the training aids that will make a difference in your game. 

The ones that will get you to…

Cue smoother. 

Cue straighter. 

Aim better.

And cue like a pro…

Better still, some you’ll be able to use in the comfort of your own home WITHOUT even needing to be at a snooker table. 

Some will slash hours off your practice time, FREEING up your practice time. 

Sound good? 

And enable you to focus on other things when you’re actually at the snooker table. 

Snooker training needn’t be straining OR draining on you. 


Training Aids 

Whether you need help with your aiming OR cueing, there’s a training aid for that!

And SnookerZone hunts them down to give you the lowdown!

Check some out we’ve tracked down now, below.

PS: Here’s a list of the UK prices of some of the Aids we’ve reviewed. If you’re not from the UK, then use the currency converter tool below the table to work out the price in your currency!

Nic Barrow’s Cue Action Trainer  £285
Nic Barrow’s Aim Frame £28.95
Nic Barrow’s Ultimate Training Ball £24.95 – £34.95
Cue Stroke Exerciser  £10 – £20 (Amazon or Ebay)
Ross Bailey’s Mirror Training Aid £25.57
Rob Reed’s Ghost Ball Potting Aid £7.50 – £8.95 (Amazon or Ebay)
Pocket Sniper  £15 (Ebay)
Master Doctor Kit £67.15
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To all snooker players having aiming problems: Practice with the Aim Frame to help you see lines of aim better on the table!

If you’re struggling with aiming and sighting on certain angles, then the Aim Frame will teach you the FOUR key angles there are on a snooker table and get your eyes to be able to recognise them all over the table.

SnookerZone says: A unique and simple training aid that will get you to see lines of aim better on a snooker table and get you aiming like a pro.

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FOR ALL Snooker players: It’s time to go back to basics!


CLICK TO WATCH SNOOKERZONE practicing with one of the key devices that’s included in the Master Doctor Kit that shows you how to get your cue onto the line of aim in the video, and then READ the review…

The Master Doctor Kit: Four training devices in one kit bag: 

SnookerZone says: There is absolutely no excuse for players (or coaches) not to have the Master Doctor Kit in their bag as it will teach beginners good basics and even teach professionals a lesson or two! Coaches can also use the aids in lessons to teach…

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Which aiming aid would SnookerZone recommend? 

It really depends on your type of problem you are having. If you’re struggling with the approach of getting the cue onto the line of aim, then SnookerZone definitely recommends the Master Doctor Kit!

SnookerGym Coach Nic Barrow illustrating the Training Ball on Youtube…



It’s time to learn how to play better cue ball position so you can make higher breaks and win more frames!

A special type of training ball that even the professionals have used…

SnookerZone says: The UTB will help you understand better what you’re doing with the cue ball and improve your positional play on the table so you can make higher breaks and win more!

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Thomas Van Eck's iCueball

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Which training ball? 

SnookerZone recommends the Ultimate Training Ball. It does so much more than just tell you if you are striking the cue ball center ball!




Calling ALL those players low on confidence AT MOMENT…

SnookerZone says: A simple way to get you potting more balls with confidence without the bells and whistles!

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SnookerZone says: Very similar to Rob Reed’s Ghost Ball Potting Aid but with two extra added features…

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SnookerZone recommends the Potting Aid…



Become a BETTER cueist than your mates down the club…

…AND discover how to get a smoother cue- action and follow-through, all in one, by just practicing 10 mins a day with this…



I’ve been struggling with cueing through the ball recently, especially when the pressure’s on in frames!

Under pressure, a player can jab at the ball, meaning the cue doesn’t follow through enough.

I’ve done it myself, many a time!

It’s like jabbing a needle into a piece of steak but BARELY making any mark in it. 

But, if you REALLY get your arm through when you do it, the needle will go right through the meat! 

Got it? 

A jabby cue-action can ALSO cause you to miss a pot!


[bctt tweet=”Most cueing aids just get you to focus on delivering the cue straight, but don’t get you to focus on your follow-through on the final delivery of the cue.” username=”@chrisgaynor2″]

Why is this so important?

Well, if you don’t complete the shot, you won’t pot the ball! If you do, it’ll be more luck than good cueing!

Ask any good coach and they will say that a player must GET THROUGH the ball.

This means delivering the cue-arm right through to the chest. 

CLICK to watch this video below to get a better picture of follow-through now!


And, if, like me, there’s no easy access to a snooker table during the week, here’s an easy way to practice your cueing from the comfort of your own pad. 

I searched high and low for ages for something that would help train me to improve my follow-through, but couldn’t find anything.

Annoying, eh?!

But SnookerZone found this!

CLICK to watch the video below as SnookerZone practices honing a straight cue action on the kitchen table and also works on follow-through. You can too!

The Cue Stroke Exerciser will do two things in one simple device.

  1. It’ll help you deliver the cue straighter.
  2. And, show you how much follow-through you are getting post shot. 

Great, huh?

Here’s how it works…

Deliver the cue straight through the tube (as shown in the vid) and see how much cue comes out the other end.

To get the most out of this training aid, make sure you work on a nice pause on the final backswing.

This can QUICKLY confirm whether your cue will go straight through the tube or not. 

If a lot of cue sticks out after, it means you’re cueing through!

Easy, right? 

Remember, when you deliver the cue, the cue-arm should feel like it’s gone right through to the chest.

Improve your stroke consistency and follow-through all in one at home for 5 – 10 mins a day.

Or, use the Cue Stroke Exerciser away down your club!

You will notice a REAL difference with your cueing technique when you come to play on a snooker table.

Not too taxing, is it? 

SnookerZone adds: If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to some cueing aids on the market, this one is ideal for you!

Don’t get fooled by its simplicity. It’s so easy to assemble! And, it’s a powerful tool to have in your snooker training armoury. Keep things simple AND get that cue-arm going. A little every day, helps!




SnookerZone says: Another useful cueing aid for developing straight cueing. With these two aids on the market, there’s NO reason, or NO excuse now why you cannot practice straight cueing at home, or away! Simples.


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Which cueing aid? SnookerZone would recommend the Cue Stroke Exerciser…


SnookerZone says: Use this training mirror with one of the Cueing aids and see how you’re lining up on the shot in front of your very eyes! It’s that simple!

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Roy Chisholm: A Retired Coach…


SnookerZone says: Roy Chisholm’s Snooker Secrets is unorthodox but a useful insight into learning how to approach a shot in snooker!

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SnookerZone says: Now, there’s absolutely no excuse NOT to know what to practice when you’re down the club. You now have a variety of routines and exercises at your fingertips!

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PS: Now, once you’ve had a coaching lesson or two, and practiced hard with one of these training aids or more, think about testing your new-found skills in a competition near you!


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