Practice Hard, Train Hard, Win Hard!
So here’s the thing:
When I first started playing snooker, I had no idea how many or what training products were sold on the market.
I looked everywhere for reviews but only found one-sentence answers.
Not very helpful!
It was so frustrating. So damn annoying. So damn time-consuming! I bet it’s been the same for you, right?
So, without hesitation, I got to work.
And now, look what we created: the SnookerZone training aid review page!
All for you.
Now, all you have to do is scroll down this page, and you will see a growing list of training aids we’ve tried out and reviewed with lots of detail.
Most of the products in SnookerZone are free samples from product owners. Any links promoted will be to the product creator’s website, or, the Ebay/Amazon shopping site where SnookerZone will receive a small commission fee should you buy.
Just click on the links below to take you to the reviews…


Snooker Training Aids…



SnookerGym Coach Nic Barrow illustrating the Training Ball on Youtube…


WPBSA Coach Rob Reed




Methods –


Roy Chisholm: A Retired Coach…





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