The Talent Code: A snippet in 2022: Greatness comes in 3s…

The Talent Code: A snippet in 2022: Greatness comes in 3s…

A snippet from the great book The Talent Code.

A baseball player/coach camps out in a small style shed on “his” field. He lives the game. Breathes it. Sleeps it. And eats it.
He coaches young players by the same ethos. You need to sleep, eat, breathe the game if you are to be one of the greats.
You need to smell success in your veins by living it.
In the Talent Code, the guy goes around different sports, interviewing people who have made a success out of their craft.
The big factor in all of them is their desire to live, eat, sleep, and breathe what they’re doing, as well as practice in a different way to what most do.

Here’s a telling quote from the book:


“With a princely gaze, Curiel surveys his domain. “To play ball, you need three things,” Touching his body as if he is doing the sign of the cross.”Heart. Mind. Balls. If you have two, you can play, but you will never be great. To be great, all three.”


You’ve already got two. Heart. And a mind. The only one that most people lack is the third.
If you truly want to be great, then you have to work on the third.

Day and night.


That means working on stuff that will give you the balls to perform under pressure.
Some find it tough. Others less so.
But everyone regardless of their talent needs to work on it.

Change your practice setup now…


Stop what you’re doing in your current practice setup and think about how you can change it so that you are challenging yourself ALL the time and creating scenarios where you need to perform under pressure.

For example:

A Colours clearance.

Set the scoreboard to 26 points. You need the colours to win by one point.
Will you do it?
Of course, you will.

You’ve got, Heart. Mind. And balls.


Now go and practice it!
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