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One day…

I was reading a book, and it got me thinking: there’s no-one else reviewing books online in snooker.

I looked around and couldn’t find any decent reviews anywhere – other than the PR news in the papers. Originally, SnookerZone had reviewed tips and training aids and thought, why not books?

So, I got around to starting to review a few books.

And there’s more to come, soon!

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There are plenty of books to keep you entertained and educated on snooker – so –  put your feet up with a nice coffee and relax into the world of the green baize!

PS: Should you decide to buy any books we review that have links to Amazon or Ebay, SnookerZone will receive a small affiliate compensation!

Happy reading!

Get the lowdown on the books by reading the reviews on the links below…

PS: We’ve sorted the books out into categories…


  1. Kissing the Pink – Read about the trials and tribulations of being a female snooker player in a man’s world here


  1. Frame of Mind – The Autobiography of Graeme Dott
  2. Mordecai Richler’s “On Snooker” – Who’s the “Real Life Rocky” of the Green Baize?


  1. The Champion’s Mind: How You Become a Champion, Like the Great Champions
  2. Not Achieving Results in Your Practice/Match Play? Discover Why by Reading Paul Schopf’s Motivational and Practical Snooker Training Book
  3. Book Review: Read 5 Key Tips on How to be Top in Snooker According to Stephen Hendry’s Me and the Table


  1. Read The Complete Book of Snooker Shots: 224 You Need to Master to be the Best!
  2. Controversial For You? Frank Callan’s Snooker Clinic


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