The New Responsive Taom Fusion Tip: Review

The Taom fusion exceeded SnookerZone’s expectations…

The cuesports company Taom are constantly in development of their high-quality and well-presented products.

They specialise in developing chalk and tips to help all levels of players get that extra zip from their play with highly responsive cue tips and ensuring players have the best quality equipment on the market – but, it does come at a price!

The Taom fusion tip is no exception.

SnookerZone tried out the fusion over the weekend of the 16/17 March and here’s his review:

There are so many good tips on the market today that choosing a brand of tip is a bit like walking through quicksand.  It seems every time you take 2 steps forward, you’re taking one step back because a new tip comes on the market and doesn’t disappoint!

This is what happened with the Taom fusion tip! Sceptical at first, it exceeded expectations way beyond.

The marketing spiel on the Taom website says: “Fusion is an advanced tip from Taom. 7 layers of the best quality pig skin. Unique manufacturing methods. The leather is hardened at the center to provide maximum power transmission. Softer and elastic edges maintain the control and feel. Multiple functions, one solution. Force and control. Snooker 10mm / Pool 14mm.”

Now, the Taom tip reminded SnookerZone a little bit of a Blue Diamond, but it’s much more stylish than those. As ever, cue tip companies are wowing their customers with their presentational branding and their ornately presented ways of packaging the cue tips. It seems almost every company now involved in selling cue tips has cottoned onto the fact that presentation and style need to come at the heart of getting their product noticed!

The tip was easy to stick on and easy to trim. No dilemmas there!

How does the Taom fusion play? 

We were given a 10mm for review and we’ve grown a fondness for hard tips. In fact, in the past, we’ve always played safe  (excuse the pun) and opted for mediums, (and we still do) but we certainly like the durability and feel of a good hard tip. As we’ve mentioned in other cue tip reviews. a player’s love for a tip is an individual feeling and no one can tell you what a good tip feels like exactly. The fusion tip just felt good and didn’t “feel” difficult to get used to. It generates a good amount of spin and is very responsive. In fact, there were times when it was probably a bit too responsive and you ended up falling out of position! Frustratingly!

Taom fusion tip: Pros and Cons

The downside to the tip is the price. It’s 19 Euros about £17 pounds for one tip! In a pack of three, you’d be looking at roughly £60 quid! That’s a lot of money for a tip. There are good tips out there where a pack of three costs you under a tenner!

However good it is, is it worth that? SnookerZone believes that it probably is not, but there is always the old saying, you get what you pay for! Or do you?


  • For ease of sticking on and trimming: FIVE STARS
  • For playability, FIVE STARS
  • Cost Effectiveness, THREE STARS

The only thing left to do is…


PS: SnookerZone is not in any way affiliated with Taom, and if you decide to go and buy the tip to try out, we WILL NOT receive a commission fee for promoting it…