The Magic Number 3 to end 2020…

The Magic Number 3 to end 2020…

3 is the Magic Number for Judd Trump…

As the curtain for snooker falls in 2020, JUDD TRUMP has made the main table at the Marshall Arena in Milton Keynes in 2020 his front living room and entertained audiences around the globe.

His third World Grand Prix title
Trump has won 3 out of 5 ranking finals this season already…


Last night, he picked up his third ranking title of the 2020/21 season, defeating his best pal Jack Lisowski 10 – 7, who was appearing in his fourth ranking event final.

It was a tale of two sessions as Lisowski came out in the afternoon appearing a wee bit nervous and the 31-year-old Ace in the Pack pounced on the nerves with a break of 75 in the first. A scrappy second frame and Lisowski got on the scoreboard, but by the mid-session interval was trailing 3 – 1 as Trump knocked a 122 on his way to the break.

After, Trump won the next two, but Lisowski managed a timely 77 break to hold in there at 5 – 2. It was important that Lisowski held in there to only trail by two but he ended up ending the session 6 – 2 down with it all to do.

The Evening Session…

When they came out for the evening session, it looked like Trump might sail to his third ranking title of the season and his 20th in total. In the first frame, Lisowski was 53 points up, but a steal from Trump with a 66 meant that it was looking gloomy for his best pal.

But things can change in the blink of an eye as Lisowski found some confidence and freedom and began a barrage of breaks – leaving Trump nailed to his chair for four frames with breaks of 99, 112, 87, and 95 to mark an incredible comeback to 7 – 6.

The next was a key frame, and although Trump hadn’t potted a ball for a good 30 mins, he then stole the next to go 8 – 6 with a modest 57 when Lisowski had been 50 in front. Jackpot Lisowski won the next, but it was Trump who knocked in a timely 78 and then won the next to seal his 20th ranking title, just two behind the number of titles held by Mark Williams.

Jack Lisowski
Jack Lisowski is on the right track to win his first ranking title. Could it be the fifth time lucky next time?

Judd Trump said after that he was glad his best pal, who they have practiced together a lot and grown up on the junior scene, had shown the snooker he can play on the main stage – but glad he didn’t push him too much nearer the winning line.

Two weeks ago, in the UK Championship, memories of a deciding frame with Neil Robertson and a missed pink were all but forgotten.

He added: “It was an extremely good game, Jack made it very hard for me. He played some of the best snooker I have ever seen. Everything he looked at was going in. I had to make a couple of really good clearances. The clearance to go 8-6 was massive because I didn’t want him to get back level.”

Lisowski added: “I upped my game tonight and put him under pressure, I was on a roll. But I lost a couple of frames from 50 or 60 ahead. The clearance he made to go 8-6 was ridiculous. I’m please to have pushed the best player in the world and made him work for it. It has been an amazing week and my game is going in the right direction.”

The World Grand Prix sees Judd Trump win 12 titles in 25 months including the Masters.

Titles this season include:

==========> Home Nations: English Open

==========>Home Nations: Northern Ireland Open x3

==========>World Grand Prix: x3


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