The Incredible Whirlwind Snooker Tips: Review

SnookerZone got to try out the new snooker tips from Whirlwind (yes, a company formed off the back of the famous snooker playing legend Jimmy White – and his nickname.

We’ve always been skeptical of player style brands but with an open mind, we thought, hey, let’s see…

And these tips didn’t disappoint.

But first, as you can see from the pic above, they are nicely presented, as most tips are nowadays in a box. SnookerZone was given an assortment of different variants in one box, so there wasn’t a choice between soft, medium or hard in this freebie. The tips sent were 9mm which fitted to our old snooker cue nicely so there was no trouble fitting one on. But they also come in 10mm.

Whirlwind Tips: Pros and Cons

However, the only criticism is if you’re ordering from the website you can’t choose if you want a soft, hard or medium tip. This is very important as some snooker players nowadays want to be able to choose their type of tip.

That said, these tips performed delightfully on the table. We had a soft tip in session on the Saturday and Sunday the 12/13th January 2019 and the moment we were on the table the tip felt comfortable to play with from the very first shot.

Indeed, with some tips it takes a while to get used to – some have a tinny sound others are smooth and feel just right. The Whirlwind tips held Taom gold soft (SnookerZone’s chalk of choice) really well and, strangely, SnookerZone felt confident in not chalking the cue every shot with these tips! With some tips we’ve tried, we’ve had to apply chalk every shot, but, with these, we were applying chalk every stwo even three shots! They held well.

Whirlwind Tips and Pricing:

If you’re a beginner in snooker, then Elkmaster tips may well be an economically friendly tip because you can get 50 of them for under 20 quid. However, Whirlwind tips are extremely economical as a box of 50 assorted tips costs about a tenner on the Whirlwind website!

A solid fit: Whirlwind soft tip

Soft tips generally give a player more spin on the ball but don’t last as long as harder tips. The Whirlwind soft variety definitely produce a good quality spin – screw shots generally require a good solid technique, but with the right chalk and tip, you can screw a full length of the table with a Whirlwind! We tried potting a brown with screwback to screw down for a red near the black and found we were over screwing! The tips are made from high-quality pigskin.

If you’re an occasional player you can’t go wrong with these as they are great value and are very similar to Elks. However, if you were playing very frequently, then you’d probably want to think about searching around. On tips, we advise that you try out soft medium and hard tips to find out what suits your game.

As SnookerZone has said in previous posts, there is no one size fits all for tips and it really is down to the individual and what brand and style of tip suits them. But, if you’re looking for a tip that can “play in” straight away and doesn’t need a lot of maintenance, then Whirlwinds are definitely one for you to look out for!

In SnookerZone’s next review, we’ll be reviewing Elk Pro tips, the upgraded version of Elks! Stay tuned…

For ease of putting on, we give Whirlwind tips a thumbs up of FIVE STARS!

For playing, we give them FIVE STARS!

And, for cost, definitely a FIVE STARS!