The Incredible Story of Kyren Wilson…

The Incredible Story of Kyren Wilson…

The Incredible Story of Kyren Wilson: From Tour Dropout to  World Champion…

LIKE MANY, KYREN WILSON dropped off the tour more than ten years ago and then worked hard to get back on. 

In the 2013/14 season he regained his tour card and then began the big resurgence to where he is now.

Kyren’s first big success was The Shanghai Masters in China in 2015/16 season and ranked world number 54, Wilson became the lowest-ranked player to win a ranking title since 2005. However, he rose to 22nd after the event.[

Since then Wilson has been a dominant force in the game for the past eight years getting to the business end of tournaments.

This website writer and journalist met Kyren in 2016 and watched him play Mark Selby at the Crucible and it was evident then that he had a talent and potential to go far in the game.

His manner when meeting him was polite, he wasn’t big-headed, and he was always happy to sign a sheet or take a selfie.

He then lost out to Ronnie O’Sullivan in the World Championship final four years ago.

Wilson, as the new World Champion, will be the ideal role model for the next generation of snooker players from the UK who can be inspired by his story.

Talent, persistence, hard work, a bit of luck, will help you achieve the goals – whether they’re modest ones or whether you want to reach for the top, it will pay off eventually if you keep going.

One of the criticisms early on with Wilson’s game was his cue ball control, but he has worked on his weaknesses and come out stronger than ever.

He has a rock-solid cue action that can perform well under the pressure, and he has a grit and a determination to succeed and he has proved it to himself he can do it.

The Warrior, 32, told Eurosport: “It is something that no-one can take away from me,” Wilson said in the Eurosport studio of being world champion. “It is always going to live with me“I love this game, I love this sport, and I basically sold my soul to snooker. “I sold my soul to the game, in a good way, and it has led me to this point.”

Wilson’s sons were with him in the studio, and the new world champion said: “Hopefully the boys, they are still very young, but when they grow old they will realise how special that was.”

Wilson is married. He and his wife, Sophie, have two sons.

Kyren Wilson has been described as having a solid all-round snooker game, and Stephen Hendry once said “Kyren has few flaws or weaknesses. He’s not flamboyant like some, but just does everything to a very good standard”

Welshman Jak Jones, who gave a gritty come back towards the end of the match, will also inspire a generation of Welsh snooker players that as the same as Kyren persistence is key.

The match was won for Wilson in the first session when he led Jones 7 – 1, but in the end, although Jones made a gutsy comeback from 17 – 11, but he did not have enough in the tank to get him over the line first.


In the end, Wilson ran out an 18 – 14 winner. 

Only The Crucible can provide drama as intense and electric for snooker at the highest level.

Let’s hope the World Championships stay in Sheffield a while longer!

Next up, the World Seniors Championship where Jimmy White will be defending his title, and The Crucible will provide much drama for that one as much as the World Championship.

Kyren Wilson’s coach Barry Stark, took Wilson along to the Nottingham Masters back in the day, and the now World Champion played top WPBSA Coach Brian Cox, whom we’ve interviewed on this website.

Here is the video of Cox v Wilson…

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