The Incredible Champion of Champions 2018 (FAQs)

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MARK ALLEN claimed the 2018 International Championship and will be heading to Coventry for the Champion of Champions hours after his big win in Daqing, China.

The Pistol, 32, joins 15 other top winners from the last year including the likes of Ronnie O’Sullivan and Mark Williams to battle it out for the first prize of 100K at the Ricoh Arena.

Allen’s 175K win in Daqing pulls him up to seventh in the rankings – but there were also some movers such as Jack Lisowski who reached the semi-finals – who is very close to slipping into the top 16.

Allen also had a staggering 14 tons in the event – including pocketing 3K for the rare 146 break, his third 146 in his career.

Runner-up Neil Robertson will also be joining the star-studded line-up as the winner of the 2018 Riga Masters.

Champion of Champions Snooker: What is it?

It’s a 16 man event with the World’s best snooker winners since the previous Champion of Champions in 2017 won by Shaun Murphy. These include O’Sullivan, Williams, Allen, John Higgins to name a few.


It’s at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry

How Long?

From November 5th to 11th…

Who’s won it before?

Ronnie O’Sullivan has won it twice in 2013/14 then Neil Robertson won, then Higgins, and last year Shaun Murphy.

Is it a ranking event?

No. It’s an invitational…Generally, the winners of the past year are invited.

Where can you watch it and what time? 

Watch the world’s best snooker players playing in the UK on ITV4 or Quest…12:45 PM and 6:45 PM UK time.

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