The Complete Book of Snooker Shots: 224 Shots You Need to Master

The Complete Book of Snooker Shots by David Horrix

David Horrix
Author David Horrix is a top WPBSA coach who has penned many books in the game and coached top players, juniors, and new talented females…


It’s the final frame of the match in a competition in the final…

You come to the table after you have been put in a sticky situation by your opponent.

But you don’t panic.

You’re then given a rapturous round of applause by a mesmerized audience, who are in admiration for your quick thinking and executing your way out of the tricky situation with ease.

Your opponent is gobsmacked.

He thought he had put you right in a tricky spot on the table in a snooker, and, yet, you made the escape look as easy as blueberry pie as if the table was kid size.

He walks back and does the obligatory tap on the table in acknowledgment of the skill it took for you to get out of the bother he landed you in.

“How did he do it?” he thinks to himself.

You go on to win the match and lift the trophy that you have worked so hard for…

Inspiration: If you want to be a Champion and win a trophy like this: Snooker’s oldest trophy the English Amateur Championship, then you need to know all the shots and be able to apply them in a match when you need to…


Your opponent is still pondering after, wondering how you got out of that snooker in the last frame!

That’s easy…You read…

The Complete Book of Snooker Shots by David Horrix

The book includes 224 essential snooker shots you must learn if you want to master the game and become a top top player like Ronnie O’Sullivan!

This book is jam-packed with an array of shots you need to make yourself stand out from the average club player who never really ventures out of their comfort zone and experiments on the table.

All the shots come with illustrated diagrams and a full explanation of how to play the shot.

Don’t just be the average player who practices the standard routines or shots, be the player who goes beyond the norm and practices the more advanced shots in the game!

An Encyclopedia of Snooker Knowledge

In this book, you’ll learn shots such as:

  • How to play the cross double
  • How to stun/screw on the wrong side of the blue back into baulk and back down the table for position
  • How to get out of a tricky snooker
  • How to lay a deadly snooker
  • And more...

This book will not only give you a greater knowledge of the table, but you’ll have some fun when practicing as you learn tricks of the trade from a top WPBSA coach such as David Horrix (see an interview with the man himself, here).

Take yourself out of your comfort zone and ramp up your training so that you can impress your mates down the club when they next see you!

Maybe you’re practicing for that next tournament and need some inspiration for it – or maybe you just want to be able to take a wry smile at the TV next time you’re watching the pros on TV and you can say: “I know how they played that shot!”

Either way, grab a copy of the Complete Book of Snooker Shots on Amazon, and blow your friends away as you wow them with your new-found snooker shots knowledge!

Click on the link below to go to get your copy and be one step ahead of the rest (or should we say 224 shots ahead of the rest!)…