Meet Some of Snooker’s Top Coaches Here…

Meet Some of Snooker’s Top Coaches Here…
Meet Some of Snooker’s Top Coaches Here…2019-02-20T12:07:27+00:00

Choose the Right Snooker Coach, NOT Just Any Coach!

SnookerZone writer Chris Gaynor (right) having a lesson with top coach Brian Cox (left)

To improve your snooker, It’s important you’re coached the right way in person, by book, DVD, or online! As long as it’s a method that works best for you it doesn’t matter.

However, there is nothing like having a one to one session with a snooker coach (a good one) who can spot errors and rectify them there and then!

All the books, DVDs, and Youtube videos in the world will not help you spot your errors in technique when you play!

SnookerZone Tip:

We all fall into bad habits, even professionals! Therefore, it’s crucial you have a one to one session with a coach regularly (even if it’s just a one hour session)  who can iron out your bad habits, and, indeed, check over your technique from time to time to make sure you are cueing to the best to your ability!

There are some remarkable snooker coaches around the world, all who have different ways of teaching students and getting the best out of them. SnookerZone will chat to them, look at their methods, try them out and get their opinions and the opinions of others.

Let’s help navigate your way through this minefield that is coaching!

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Introducing The Coaches!