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Take the New Blade Cue Pocket Trainer with You–Anywhere—And Cue Straighter!

Dear friend and fellow cueist…

The Blade Cue team have released this simple tool for helping you achieve straighter cueing – the Blade Cue Pocket Trainer.

Pocket Trainers are an easy-to-use plug and play aid you can carry with you anywhere in your pocket, snooker cue or ball case and hardly weigh a ton. Clip the two bits of the product in place and place it on the table and practice straight cueing.

There are now three types of Pocket Trainers available: 

  1. One for helping you cue straight centre ball
  2. One for helping you cue straight using sidespin
  3. One for cueing using screw backspin

Heck, you don’t even need to use this on a snooker table. Use it anywhere where there is an even surface and practice perfecting that straight cue action for better results.

Straight cueing is hugely important in the game as is good aiming. If you can’t cue straight, or as straight as humanly possible, then you won’t pot the ball.

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Spending ten minutes or more honing your muscle memory with a tool like this is invaluable to a snooker player’s development!


When you receive your Pocket Trainer in the post, you’ll be impressed with the durability of the product. It was well crafted and looked better than some other “Pocket Trainers” on the market sold on eBay. It’s ingeniously put together as it comes in two parts, and you then clip both the parts of the Pocket Trainer together and it will be up and running. The product is small and can fit in your pocket, hence why it’s called a Pocket Trainer. You can even fit it in a cue or ball case. Mine fitted nicely in my ball case.


Simple answer. Yes.

Even just by using this tool on a flat surface such as a dining table or kitchen table, (my case a kitchen table), you can get a feel of what is straight action. Cueing straight is done by getting a “feel” of the shot through preliminary featherings of the cue ball, before the final backswing. 

The Pocket Trainer helps to exercise your arm muscle memory by making sure you are cueing through the hole in the Pocket Trainer. If you knock the Pocket Trainer down, you haven’t cued it straight. Practising this simple exercise for at least 15 minutes a day as muscle memory can be invaluable for your ability for your brain to “remember” how to cue straight. You don’t even need a snooker table for this. Just place on a flat surface and start to cue and build up muscle memory!


Place the Pocket Trainer on the baulk line on the middle of the brown spot and cue through the aid. If your cue is down straight on the baulk line, then you’ve cued the ball straight. Keep doing this exercise until you can do it naturally. Your muscles will adapt and recognize a straight delivery after practice. Then, practice with a cue ball in front of you, and see if you can hit the ball down the colour spots and see if the white comes back to the brown spot. Rinse and repeat until you feel happy with the delivery of the cue.


Well, for two reasons…

  • one reason, cueing straight on the shot will mean the cue ball will go where you want it!
  • And, on the line of aim you want!

Most people think their issue is an aiming one. Having played this game for three years now seriously, 8 times out of 10, my issue would be that the aim was right, but the cueing was wrong. So, the “obvious” tip is to perfect your muscle memory using the Pocket Trainer or something similar and your potting will naturally improve. If, however, you’ve got an aiming issue, then either use the Ghost Ball Potting Aid or, Nic Barrow’s Aim Frame!

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