The Belief Video from Mel Robbins…

The Belief Video from Mel Robbins…

SNOOKERZONE’s CHRIS GAYNOR has posted Mel Robbins’s podcasts a couple of times. Her podcast videos are well worth a watch.

Here, she’s talking about the best two ways to believe in yourself.

We’ll add three to that.

Forget about everyone else around you and just go for what you want. Sometimes, FEAR isn’t about what you might not get. It’s about the FEAR of taking that first step and wondering where it will take you.

Forget people and what they think of you. Just go for it and give it your best shot!

The first step to achieving anything is taking that first step and keeping on going. That’s why we were all as humans designed to walk forwards, NOT backward. As a point of interest, the toxic people in this life will ALWAYS get found out.

Chris Gaynor

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