Tenacious Pragnell Scoops English Amateur Tour 4…

Tenacious Pragnell Scoops English Amateur Tour 4…

GEORGE PRAGNELL snatched English Amateur Event Tour 4 from the hands of the favourite Martin O’Donnell over the weekend when the fourth instalment of this season’s amateur tour came to Woking Snooker Centre in Surrey for the first time. 

The 27-year-old has scooped an incredible three out of the four English Amateur Tour events this season as an expansive and high-quality field of 31 entries landed in Woking for what was the last one before the Christmas break and the start of the new year.

Martin O’Donnell had to grind hard in the semi-finals to get to the final to play against George Pragnell…

Tour five will go to Wallsall in January.

SnookerZone was catching some of the action from both the two days  – but on paper, O’Donnell, recently relegated from the pro tour, but has had a best-of-a-ranking event semi-final, was always likely to be the favourite to get to at least the final.

However, with a top field of ex-pros, such as Harvey Chandler and Sydney Wilson, there was a plethora of talent on show from all angles.

But the 36-year-old O’Donnell made it through the field and had a grinding battle against Patrick Whelan in the semi-finals but came through a thrilling final frame decider to meet the then double-time Amateur Tour winner Pragnell.

However, in the final, Pragnell played some of his best snooker and in the 4 – 0 win against the Minister of Defence O’Donnell, he snatched the final frame he needed from behind to make a remarkable and steely 63 clearance.

During the final, Pragnell showed watchers his tenaciousness, his talent, and his sound technique.

Outside of the Woking Snooker Centre, Pragnell remarked that the last 63 break in the final frame he needed was “one of the best clearances he had made in a while” to date.

17-year-old Liam Pullen, a young talent, also made the highest break of the weekend with a 142 – topping Ex-Pro Martin O’Donnell’s two 135 clearances!



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