Teen Recovery Centre Gets New Pool Table in 2022 in Oklahoma City…

Teen Recovery Centre Gets New Pool Table in 2022 in Oklahoma City…

9 Ball pool is the staple of cue sports in the US.

Snooker is becoming a growing sport there too, and we know there are Hollywood stars who are digging their snooker!

The American Pool Association helped fund a new pool table and equipment for Teen Recovery Solutions in US…(photo screenshot from APA site)

Keanu Reeves is one.

But what is great about cue sports, is how the games can bring people together, and also rehabilitate those young and old, suffering from addictions or mental health.

In the three months in 2022, Snooker Zone has learned of one project in Oklahoma City, where an organization called Teen Recovery Solutions have been helping recovering teens rehabilitate through cue sports such as pool.

When the pool table needed reviving, the American Poolplayers Association stepped in to help fund a new pool table!

Joe Don Fennell, Executive Director of Teen Recovery Solutions, said:”Our pool table is used every day. Sometimes our one-on-one interaction with a teen happens over a pool table to provide a more relaxed environment. The pool table also offers a bonding experience between the kids in our program. What we’re trying to do is get them to realize that they can have fun in sobriety, and pool is a great way to do that.”

$1000 dollars donation by APPA…

Early on this year, the APPA went further and provided new cues and other equipment to transform the facilities and update the setting.

Woody Cues also agreed to return to help maintain the table when needed and is hoping to teach some of the kids how they can maintain the table themselves.

We know cue sports provide much more fun than just potting balls. Geometry, basic maths, and the ability to be respectful and mindful of opponents and facilities are all lessons taught and learned from coaches in pool and snooker.

As well as providing new pool stuff, the APPA donated an added $1000 to the Recovery Teen Solutions program.

“We’re excited to team up with Teen Recovery Solutions to assist in the amazing work they’re doing for teens in their community. We hope our contributions will go a long way in showing these kids that not only is pool an amazing sport, but it’s one that can be enjoyed in sobriety,” said APA President Greg Fletcher.

The organisation TRS has been providing help to teens since 2000.

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