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Imagine…You’re feeling a million dollars after winning an important match. You’ve been playing like a champion and winning in style. Everybody has been impressed with your play, but there’s one thing they’ve all been talking about. It’s your new chalk you’ve been using. 

“It’s really stylish,” says one player with envy. What is it? You reply, showing them, feeling good inside.

Introducing Toni Ursin and the Taom Team’s New  Chalk: Gold Soft edition!

Tony Ursin

Feel and chalk like a pro using the brand new chalk from Taom…

It does everything Taom chalk V2  can do, such as…

  • reduce kicks
  • reduce miscues
  • reduce mess,

Only this time, do it in double the style – like a champion you are.

So what’s all the fuss about this time? 

You’re looking at pure gold wrapping. You’re looking at a lighter colour chalk to version 2. You’re looking at a new improved style. That Je ne sais quoi has upped its game to “sensationnel!”

If this chalk was for an advert, you’d probably find a cheeky French waiter coming up in one of those cheesy bowties and offering you some gold Taom on a plate. How would you like yours, monsieur?

But this chalk is from Finland. SnookerZone doesn’t know what their ads in Finland are like, but just from a quick browse on Youtube, you’d probably be seeing some old waiter wheeling a trolley up to a beautiful woman’s hotel room with the chalk on a tray. Who knows. Chalk for dinner, anyone? We wouldn’t advise you eat it though…

On to what it does…

Once you’ve stopped admiring it from afar and drooling over the style. It’s time to take it for a ride.

First:  the usual mess test. Hardly any gets on your hands. This is invisible chalk. Like magic, no chalk appears. Where’s the chalk gone?

Second. The smell test. Hmmmm. I love that smell. Fresh out of the box Taom chalk smell!

Then, it’s time to coat it all over the tip! It’s like butter baby! Spreads like, well, chalk. A nice even coating. Only softer! No powdery mess. It has a great reaction with Regency Pro snooker tips.

Don’t get too excited now: 

You’re at the bar, and you ask the staff: What chalks’ on the menu? The bartender replies: “This is our popular choice.” He shows you brand x…

You reply: “I’m sorry”, but I don’t do popular choices, and you opt for the Taom Gold…

Why? Because…

Taom chalk gold soft is designed for the stylish snooker player. The player who wants style in their hands. Who wants to look cooler, that’s your litmus test. Wants to feel like they’ve got a little bit of gold in their hand. Wants to feel like a pro. Wants to stand out from the rest.

Yes, you want the practicalities and benefits. Who doesn’t, right? You want it to…

  • reduce kicks
  • reduce miscues
  • reduce mess…

But you want to do it with some style as well, don’t you?

Now you can.

Taom gold soft has all the qualities of version 2.0, but now with that added WOW factor!…

Don’t just settle for any old chalk when you can have the best of both worlds…

Get the Wow factor now with Taom Gold Soft, and feel like you’ve got a little bit of gold in your hands…

After all, you’re a champion, and you deserve, don’t you?


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